All about the M416 glacier gun in Pubg mobile: A top gun

glacier m416 in pubg mobile level 7.

There are varieties of weapons and equipment on the Pubg mobile game. However, among all gun, PUBG player loves the M416 glacier the most.

The M416 glacier is the most precious weapon in PUBGM because of different reasons;

Firstly, it is an upgradable gun. Secondly, some player spends more than 20000UC to unlock M416 glider but still they can’t. Moreover, only a few lucky players can only unlock M416 glacier skin.

Why PUBGM M416 glacier is everyone favourite?.

There are different types of skin for the M416 that come in pubg special events. And then, the player can only unlock M416 skin from the spin and crates by spending UC.

Some M416 upgradeable skins,

  • M416 THE FOOL.
  • M416 GLACIER
  • M416 WANDERED and many more.

However, among all M416 glacier is the top gun among all the pubg players.

Let’s know why;

It has a special kill effect.

The M416 glacier skin gun has unique features to other pubg weapons.
In the 2nd level, the M416 glacier skin creates a special effect after killing the enemy. M416 glacier converts the green flying-up smoke into white.

Best and best glacier skin.

You know, the M416 glacier is the best one. And to unlock the M416 glacier skin, it requires some classic crates. Therefore, if you don’t have UC to spend, then also you can get it by your luck for free.

Glacier a precious weapon, You can get it for free with some tips and tricks.

Attractive loot crate.
All about the M416 glacier gun in Pubg mobile: A top gun
Attractive loot crate.

To upgrade max M416 glacier, require more than 50000 UC for materials.

And if you upgrade your M416 glacier to level 7, then it creates a special loot box by killing the enemy with it. And the design of the loot crate of a glacier is much more awesome than other upgradable weapons in pubg mobile.

Otherwise, you can get the kill effect, elimination broadcast, and the final form from other upgradable weapons too.

A unique hit effect on the M416 glacier

The M416 glacier makes a unique hit effect when you spray the M416 glacier’s bullet on the enemy. A white effect like a firecracker creates on the body of the enemy.

And such kind of attractive feature is not available on other upgradable weapons.

Other detail about the M416 glacier upgrade in Pubg mobile

The table shows how much Pubg UC and material are needed to upgrade the M416 glacier gun skin. And what kind of new feature you can unlock from the pubg M416 glacier in levels 1 to 7?

LevelRequirementsEstimated UC
for Materials
(Basic appearance)
(Kill effect)
2 Materials
25 Paints
2K to 3K
(Advance form)
3 Materials
40 Paints
3K to 4.5K
(Elimination broadcast)
4 Materials
55 Paints
4.5K to 6K
(On-hit effect)
5 Materials
70 Paints
6K to 8K
(Final Form)
6 Materials
80 Paints
8K to 10.5K
(Loot crate)
7 Materials
100 Paint
10.5K to 13K


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