How to get the best item from a premium crate of Pubg?

get the best item from a premium crate of Pubg

The premium crate is the gift box which is filled with varieties of Pubg special item.

The premium crate has attractive but random rewards, which is unlocked by opening it.

So, you can get top items like vehicle skin, weapon skins, outfit and many more from the premium crate.

Moreover, a premium crate can be purchased with the UC, but if you don’t want to spend your real money, then you can buy for the Pubg silver fragment. (Tips to get more silvers)

The benefit of Premium crate on Pubg?

#1 To get attractive rewards.

You can unlock special items by opening the premium crate, by which you can decorate and upgrade PUBG equipment for free.

#2 To get RP points

Premium crate not only gives you special items but also it helps to raise your RP points.
So, you can collect 10 RP points by opening one crate.

#3 To complete achievement

There are some achievements related to the premium crate. For example; “open crates to get skeleton suit outfit“.

Therefore, premium crates help you to complete achievements to get more points and extra rewards.

How to open a premium crate?

It’s not a difficult task to open it. I know you are the PUBG hero, but also I have written steps to open a premium crate;

  • Launch your game and tap on the inventory.
tap on the inventory
  • Go on the last option(item store)
tap on that circle
  • Select the premium box and tap on the ‘use’ option to open it.
How to open a premium crate?
tap premium box and use it

Moreover, You can open 10 crate at once if you have many; or, you can open them one by one to have suspense.

And after you open the premium box, you will get various top items from four categories; Mythic, legendary, epic and rare.

This is the way to get the best items from a Pubg premium crate.

the way to get the best items from a Pubg premium crate
open crate after collecting more then 10.

To get mythic items

The mythic rewards are attractive and precious in comparison to other items.

Therefore, the chance of getting a Pubg mythic item from the premium crate is too low.

But, you can unlock mythic items effortlessly, if you open 30 crates. (30th chance)

To get legendary items

The chance of getting a legendary item is a bit higher than mythic.

So, to unlock the legendary items, you need to open 20 crates. (20th chance)

To get epic items

The probability of getting an epic item from the crate is much higher than legendary and mythic rewards.
And, you need to open at least 10 crates to unlock items of epic category.

To get rare items

You can unlock rare items easily because the winning probability is much higher than other kinds of rewards.
So, you can unlock rare item from the premium crate at first chance.


You shouldn’t open the crate immediately, but you should open them only when you have more than 10.

Also, you should open a Pubg premium crate, when there are special offers.

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