This is How you can get a premium crate in Pubg mobile.

tips to get a premium crate for free

Most of you search for tips to get more Pubg mobile premium crate for free.
Because the premium crate is the Pubg surprise box which has random but attractive items inside it.

And you get a more attractive reward inside the premium crate during the Pubg special events and festivals.

As you know, the rewards inside the premium crate are related to four different categories; Mythic, legendary, epic and rare items.
However, the winning chance of mythic and legendary items are far less than others.

But, to the rewards from that surprise box, you must have an idea to collect more crates.

Is premium crate expensive?

If you want to spend your real money then, yes it is expensive which cost 120 UC for one premium crate.

But, I have some tips to get more premium crate for free.

You can get premium crate on PUBG mobile by;

  • Achievement method
  • Treasure luck draw method(Secret and rare)
  • Silver fragment method

1. Achievement method

There are achievement categories like honour, glorious, movement, progress, social, and general.

And, each category has many achievements and missions.
So, if you complete each objective, you will get more points.
After you collect more points by completing the Pubg achievements, you will win a premium crate automatically for free.


Furthermore, other achievements are directly related to the premium crate.

For example, kill 1000 enemy with a sniper rifle, kill 1000 enemy with a shotgun, open 100 royales pass elite crate, complete 1000 clan training and many more.

So, complete those objectives to collect a specific number of the Pubg premium crate.

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2. Treasure luck draw method(Secret and rare)

It cost 60 UC to try luck draw for the first time and 120UC for the second time and so on…
But that method is too expensive.

Therefore, wait for the seasonal treasure luck draw(new seasons, festivals).

 get an more Pubg premium crate for free
focus on the edge(all side) of luck draw box

And in that Pubg mobile luck draw, you should predict the secret location of the premium crate.

But, by focusing on the edge(all side) of the lucky draw box, you can increase the chance of getting the crate.

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3. Silver fragment method

Silver fragment are the best way to get premium crate for free.

Silvers are like a coin of Pubg mobile which is used to purchase outfits, skins.

Furthermore, the silver fragment is used to buy premium crate coupons.

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what is premium coupon
premium coupon

And premium coupon help to make a crate.

So, the price of one premium coupon is 20 silver fragment. And 10 coupon makes one 1 premium crate.

Meaning is that you can make one premium crate by using 200 silver fragments.

But you only get a chance to exchange five coupons with silver daily.
Therefore, don’t miss the chance to buy five coupons daily, if you want to get an extra Pubg premium crate for free.

How to purchase coupon with silver?
  • Tap on shop
  • Tap on redeem option
  • Scroll down and tap on the premium crate coupon and buy it.
How to combine premium coupons?
Combine coupons

You know these steps;

  • Tap on inventory
  • Go to store box(last option)
  • Finally, tap on the premium crate coupon and combine it.

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