How to change the name of PUBG with attractive Symbols?

change the name of PUBG

PUBG player wants to change their name with a unique design.

But as a rule, it is not allowed to keep the mutual name.

Suppose, a player’s name is ‘darkhunter‘ and if another player wishes to keep the same name, according to the policy they can’t.

So, it’s laborious to select a sole name for Pubg ID for separate signature and identity.

Are you also, among the PUBG hero who is thinking to change the user name of PUBG with beautiful design?

Is it possible to modify the name adding some symbols in PUBG?

Yes, it is possible, you can change your PUBG name attractive with some decoration.

So, This blog is about the idea to change the username of PUBG with separate style symbols.

How to change the name of PUBG with attractive symbols?

Method 1

This method is easy because you can change your Pubg name from the game.
Here is the instruction:

  • Launch your PUBG game
  • Open your inventory box.
  • Go to your Pubg store box.
  • Tap on the ID card
  • Tap on the Use option
  • Type your name you want to rename and confirm it.

But if your name match with another player you can’t use the same name.
Therefore, put some unique font on it by long tap on the key.
Aso, if you choose this method, you can’t use other symbol and attractive alphabets to make your name unique while changing it.

Method 2

How to change the name of PUBG with attractive Symbols

In this method, I suggest you ‘Name creator for PUBG app’ to change your user name.

With this free app, you can choose beautiful symbols and style to make your name different and attractive than others.

For example,
if someone has already kept the name ‘darkhunter’, you can also use the same name by adding some beautiful symbols.

Click here to download Name creator for PUBG.

Follow this instruction to change your PUBG ID with this application.

Type your name

Type a suitable name

After you download this application from the store.
Firstly, open the app and type the name you wish to keep in the INPUT box, on the top of the home.
But the rule is the same that you can’t make space in your name with not more than 13 letters.

Make it unique

modify the name of PUBG with unique design
Select the best symbols

After you type your name on the ‘Input box’, add some symbols and attractive styles to make it different and decorative.

Copy and paste

Copy the text from PUBGM filter and paste it to rename card

At last, after you choose the perfect name for your ID then copy the text(name) from the PUBGM filter box.

Finally, paste the text to your Pubg rename card and confirm it to change the name.

Here are the tips to get more rename card

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