How to get rename card on PUBG mobile? 3 easy tips

How to get rename card on PUBG mobile
rename your pubg id

Are you searching for tips to get rename card to change Pubg mobile ID name?
If you are, then I have collected three easy way to get it.
But among them, two ways are free and easy, but the last one is not free.

What is rename card?

Rename card is the item that is used to change the name of your PUBG game profile.

And another name of rename card is an ID card.
So, the player can rename their user name with the help of the ID card. Furthermore, they can use a maximum of 14 letters.

Why do players want to change their name?

The purpose of changing the name is to make a suitable squad to play every match together.

But, some players want to change their name for various reasons like; to decorate.

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Tips to get free rename card on Pubg mobile

Every new Pubg player gets one rename card for free, but after using their card, they can’t reuse that again.

Therefore, players seek an extra ID card to alter their name.

So, these are some other simple and useful tips to get more rename card on Pubg mobile.

*1*. Crew

It is the best way to get an ID card for free, but you need some points to get one card.

Simply, the cost of one rename card is 200 points.
So, if you have 200 crew points, then you can redeem them.

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These are the steps to earn crew points:

How to get rename card on PUBG mobile
Verify your crew
  • Go to the crew option.
  • Tap on the crew verification option
  • And collect 30 points weekly.

However, if you have not verified your crew, then you can’t collect your points.

So, you must verify your crew or, you can join another’s verified squad, to collect points weekly.

How to redeem the ID card?

Free rename card photo
Exchange your crew points
  • Go to crew option
  • Go to crew shop
  • Redeem your crew points with ID cards

*2*. Game level

I have already got rename card for free on the 10th level,
but if you have not, then follow this instruction.

  • Tap on the message box
 get ID card on PUBG mobile
  • Tap on the chat room
  • Inter ID on the chat room.
  • Redeem your ID of the 10th level mission.
I already collected rename card on PUBG mobile
I have already got rename card

*3*. Purchase method

How to purchase ID cards in pubg

The last method to get rename card on Pubg is the purchase method.

  • Tap on shop
  • Tap on treasure
  • And purchase the Card with UC.

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