How to make PUBG partner and get the title? PUBG MOBILE

How to make PUBG partner and get the title

Every PUBG player can make their partner and get a specific title for identity.

PUBG partners can be anyone who plays every match together.

PUBG has provided a unique feature by which players can socialize with their best people while playing the game.

Therefore, players get a particular relationship title if they select a partner to play together.

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The objective of making a Partner is:

  • To make a strong relationship with each other;
  • To communicate with the best one while playing.
  • Also, having a partner can make the profile strong and unique.

Types of PUBG partner titles

Types of PUBG partner title
Types of PUBG partner titles


BFF means best friend forever. Or a person whom you want to make a friend for life long.

So, if you have BFF in real life. If he plays PUBG, then you can make him a partner with the BFF title.


Are you in a relationship? Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?
If you and your lover are also a gamer, then you two can play PUBG with the lover title.

So, make your love relationship stronger by having fun.


Do you have any close person? If you have then why don’t you make him PUBG partner getting a buddy title?


Bromance? Without romance…

It is another title you get if you have selected a partner of the same gender. Or, you can say if your lover, BFF, or buddy doesn’t play the game, you can make a partner who is far from you.

But, the synergy points are needed to make and get the Pubg partner title.

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What are synergy points and how to get points to get a partner title?

Synergy points are the points that help to calculate the relationship between players.
So, the more synergy points reflect that the player is closely connected.

Again, to get the synergy points players need to play every match together. And they should share popularity and BP.

How to make Pubg partner?

Pubg partner
Pubg partner

To make the PUBG partner, you have to send a request to the chosen person.

So, to send the request to make a partner, this instruction;

  • Launch the game and Tap on your profile
  • Tap on the connection option
  • Send a request for a partner and wait for his/her response. If your offer is accepted, you will become a partner.
  • You need to have at least 400 points to send the partner request.

How to get a PUBG partner title?

To get the partner title in PUBG, doesn’t require UC or skills.
But, it requires sufficient synergy points.
So, the player must have at least 1000 synergy points to get the Partner title.

How to redeem Synergy, if I have 1000 points?

If you have eligible points to get the title of PUBG title then, follow this instruction:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap on the connection Option
  • Finally, Tap on the Partner option and redeem for free.

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