Hot drop place in Pubg mobile: 7 deadly location in Erangle Map 2021.

solo vs squade hotdrop pubg mobile.

It’s risky to start the match from the hot drop place in Pubg mobile. Because the hot drops are the location where enemies lands to begin the Pubg ranked matches.

Only the skilled and pro pubg player land on the deadly hot drop location. Because those places are full of enemies, which are the best location to get high kills. Not need to waste time searching for enemies, they are everywhere in the hot drops. So the hot drop areas are best to increase the KD ratio, only if you and your device are best.

However, if you are not a skilled player and your device is the low end, then deadly PUBGM hot drops are not for you. Also, if you are pushing conqueror rank, you shouldn’t choose hot drops. Because there is high competition. It’s difficult to survive there.

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So, let’s know the deadly hot drops place in the Erangle map of PUBG mobile.

7 deadly Hot drop place Pubg mobile Erangle map


You know the Pochinki is a famous place among Pubg player. Also, it is the place where most of the player drop off from the parachute.

Pochinki is the top hot drop area in the Pubg mobile. Because the place is located in the centre of Erangle map. Also, the size of Pochinki is large with much loot items, so most player land there. 

Are you a pro player

Then, you can start your match from Pochinki, collect more loot and kills.

Mylta power

Before the Pubg new era, Mylta power was the hot drop location. However, nowadays, the player doesn’t prefer to land on Mylta power because;

The Mylta power is lack of loot. AND

It’s difficult to find out your enemy there.

Despite all things, Mylta power is still considered as a hot drop area. Because the right aeroplane direction makes it full of the squad.

Sosnovka military base

The military base is another dangerous location in Pubg mobile. But nowadays, few players land on the military area in comparison to the past.

Firstly, it’s one of the dangers of hot drop places. Secondly, you will not find enough loot in the Sosnovka military base. 

However, the landing chance of more than 4 squads is high in the Sosnovka base. If you don’t find any weapon, you will be at risk.


Rozhok is also a competitive place like a Pochinki. The aeroplane path is above the location, so the player jumps for Rozhok.

But the Rozhok is also called the best hot drop in Pubg mobile. If you like to rush, Rozhok is the best area for you. You will get the car easily in Rozhok. Aso, the map is near the school so it will be easier for you to change the location.

At least 4 squad land on the Rozhok to increase the KD level.

Georgopol (Container and city)

It is another PUBGM hot drop. Most of the player prefer to land in Georgopol because of loot. But after the update, Pubg mobile has altered the loot feature.

But still, more than 3 squad lands on the Georgopol 

Nowadays, Georgopol city is a deadly drop area than the container because of the best loot and cover.


Another danger hot drop Novorepnoye is the same as a Georgepul. But, this map is not always become a hot drop because the aeroplane path changes frequently.

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But, if the plane path falls near the Novorepnoye area, more than 5 squads select the location.

 Otherwise, the player also travels to Novoreproye by car to get more loot.


Nowadays, school is also becoming the most landing location in Pubg mobile. In the school area, at least 3 squad lands. Because this hot drop place is the best location to get more kills. 

In conclusion, the hot drops area is both the best and worst location for landing. If you are a new player and don’t have good skills, you should avoid hot drops. 

Otherwise, hot-drop is a suitable area to get more loot and high kills, only if you are pro.

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