How to get a free supply crate in Pubg mobile? 2021 Simple tips

supply crate in pubg mobile.

From the Pubg mobile supply crate, you can unlock rewards like outfits, backpack skin, classic crates coupon, silvers for free.

After the new update, Pubg mobile has added some additional items to the supply crate. You can unlock PUBGM mythic and legendary from the supply crate for free.

The chance of getting a temporary mythic item from the supply crate is around 75%. And you can unlock items permanently with less than a 25% chance.

It’s fun to open the supply crate. Therefore, let’s know the tips to get more PUBG mobile supply crates to open them for free.

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Tips to make more Pubg mobile supply crate for free

Here, 10 supply coupon = 1 supply crate.

Complete clan objective
Complete clan objective

Clan objectives are the best scheme to get 1 supply to create weekly for free. For that, you have to complete the clan objective. However, to complete the clan objective some Clan energy is required.

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Visit clan shop
make 1 supply crate in less than 21 days.
Visit clan shop

In the clan shop, you redeem 4 supply coupon every week. But you need to invest some clan points.
So, from the clan shop, you can make 1 supply crate in less than 21 days.

Complete the events
completing the events, you can collect more supply crates for free
Complete the events

On some occasion, the Pubg mobile introduces entertaining events are full of a mission with exciting rewards.

Therefore, by completing the events, you can collect more supply crates for free. For that, you have to remain active. And you should visit the event section frequently.

It’s the lengthy and boring way to collet more supply crate, right?

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It is the best way to make a supply crate in every season.
Just complete the recall events.

And from the recall event, you can get other rewards like a premium crate, classic crate, silver and many more.

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Complete achievement and weekly mission
Complete achievement and weekly mission

The weekly mission is a new feature of PUBGM RP points. But you can collect a supply crate weekly for free with RP points.

So, complete those weekly missions and redeem rewards.

Furthermore, the Pubg mobile has introduced various exciting achievement it’s 3rd anniversary.

So, complete those new achievements and make more supply crate for free in PUBGM.

Royal pass
Royal pass

I don’t think it’s necessary to explain the royal pass to you.
Simply increase your RP rank and collect more free supply crates.

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