How you can get more recall event points on PUBG mobile?

How you can get more recall event points on PUBG mobile?

You will know the way to earn more points from the recall event on PUBG mobile game.

As you know, PUBG mobile recall event is a traditional event that comes in every new season.
So, in each new recall event, the player gets the latest rewards like outfits, weapon skins, classic crate, coupon scrap, premium crate, coupon, Exp card and more silver fragments.

And, the tips to get more rewards is getting more points to form the PUBG recall event.
Therefore, we will discuss the idea to collect more points form the recall event.

This is how you can get more points from PUBG mobile recall event.

recall event

You can earn points by sending a recall message to your social media friend your game. But you should recall those friends who no longer play the game.
These are the tips and trick to recall your friends.

  • Go to event and recall.
  • Go to a full team option.
  • Tap on ‘recall your friend’ (no need to open social media link, just tap and ignore it)
  • Finally, wait for your friend’s return.

Yes, it’s the method to collect recall point in PUBG mobile.
However, it depends upon your success, how many recalls points you will get. Because the more player you recall, the more points you will get.
After that you should complete Assemble missions like;

  • Team up with the friend you recall and play 1 classic match for 50 points.
  • Recalled player complete 1 classic mode match for 20 points.
  • The recalled player should log in for a total of 2 days, for 30 recall points.
  • Player completes a classic mode match in the top 10 for 30 recall event points.
  • Moreover, recalled player log in for 3 days for 40 points.

So, those are the missions to be completed for more recall event points in PUBG mobile.

After you earn enough points, you can redeem your recall points form the redemption store.

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