How to become a pro player in Free fire?

become a pro player in free fire game.

It is all in your hand- if you want, you can become a pro player in Free fire who can dominate the rest of the players in the battleground. But, for that, you will have to know something that we will discuss in this article.

The famous online game Garena free fire has millions of active players. So, the competition among the player is top. Due to the availability of high-speed internet and high-end device, every player performs better than others.

But, only the better internet and device is not enough to be a pro; it requires skills and technique too.

Best tips to become a free fire pro player

1. Use headphones while gaming.

You know, the headphone is helpful while playing online games. Similarly, headphone is needed while playing FF to get some benefits.

Headphones will help you to capture the footsteps sound of your enemies, also, you can know the location of your enemy. Moreover, headphones can improve your overall gameplay.

2. Be cool while playing

How to be a Pro player in Free fire
Be cool while playing

Do you know what ability the pro player has? Pro players are confident and they are not afraid of any worst situations.

So, you should do the same, don’t be afraid if you encounter with skilled one. Or, if your teammate gets knocked, don’t panic in that situation. Instead, be calm and make a plan to take a safe cover.

3. Pick up the gloo wall

Pick up the gloo wall
Pick up the gloo wall

‘Glow wall’ is a helpful item because it makes you safe by making a strong cover. It can protect you from the enemy’s fire.
That’s why you should pick up more and more gloo walls than grenades.

You should collect at least eight glow walls on every classic or, ranked match. Picking is not everything, you should also know how to use it properly and for that you should practice more.

4. Aim on the head

Free fire pro always tries to target the head of the opponent player, because the headshot gives more damage than a body shot. So, to win both close-range and long-range fights with high kills, you should practice for the headshot using every weapon.

Therefore, go to the training ground-pick up suitable weapons, and practice headshot skills.

5. Improve aim

Improve aim
Improve aim

It requires more training to improve your aim. So, the best place to improve your aim and skill is the training ground and before going for the ranked and classic match, you should practice on the training ground for some minutes. If you are perfect at aiming, you are already a pro in Free fire.

6. Use hardcover

Don’t get confused. Hardcover means walls, trees, and rocks that can’t be destroyed by any weapons. While fighting with your enemies, take the cover of those things, to survive the bullets.

Also, you can use a Gloo wall, but it has limited health. But, every time Gloo wall may not help you, so you should learn to take benefit of hardcovers on the battlefield.

7. Secret tip for the last circle

Many of the players die in the last circle of Free fire matches because firstly, they don’t use gloo weapons to make a cover, and secondly, they go to the centre of the last circle. But you should not make such mistakes if you want to play Free fire like a pro player.

The Centre circle is dangerous because every player focuses on that point. So, you should play on side of the circle as much as you can.

8. Set the best sensitivity setting for free fire.

Set the best sensitivity setting to be free fire pro player
Set the best sensitivity setting for free fire

You know, without the best sensitivity setting, your high-end device or internet becomes useless while gaming. If you have the best setting, you can dominate your enemies like a king, so customize your sensitivity at the best level.


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