How to win every clash squad match in free fire game?

How to win every clash squad match in free fire game?
Best free fire squad

Here you will get the tips to win all free fire clash squad match easily.

Garena free fire has many features suitable for global players.
There are different types of matches in the game. So the clash squad match is among them. On this mode, you can go to the battleground with your squad. Furthermore, you will not get many players there, only your squad Vs opponent squad. 4 vs 4.

Furthermore, the clash squad match is for both ranked and unranked mode. But the clash squad ranked mode has more rewards in each tier.

Every player wants to get booyah in the clash squad to push their rank for more rewards.

So, today you will get the idea to win every clash squad matches in the Garena free fire game.

Tips to win every match in free fire clash squad mode

1. Select best

The best choice can give you the best result. So, before you start the clash squad mode, select the best weapon to win. Therefore, use the G18 pistol in the first round because its firing rate is higher than M500.

2. Don’t play with

If you want to get booyah in every match in the clash squad of free fire, don’t play with the random or, unknown players. Because the random teammate may not help you in the battleground. They hardly cooperate and communicate with you. As a result, you will feel helpless in the match. Therefore, select the best squad you know well.

3. Use dollar in best items

The dollar is used to get a weapon for clash squad matches. Therefore, you should utilize them in the best gun and equipment. Also, use your dollar for your teammate.
If your teammate needs extra items like the vest, helmet. Help them by contributing yours, to win every match in free fire clash squad mode.

4. Target IGL

On every squad, one player is IGL who give direction to their teammate. So, if you kill the leader, it will be easy for you to defeat others.
Try to target the IGL as much as possible to get booyah in the clash squad matches quickly.

5. Smoke! Smoke!

You can use smoke grenade in clash squad by purchasing with a dollar or, ‘clash squad point’.
So, you should use smoke grenade in every situation. Either to revive your teammate or, to take a cover.

6. Don’t do mistake

The mistake of most of the player is;
if they knock down some enemy, they try to finish them immediately. It’s not the best idea to win the clash squad matches in the free fire.
Here you should only finish knocked enemy when no one other enemy is around you. Otherwise, you will get killed in the free fire battleground.

7. Rush strategy

You should make a squad who will always play together every match.
If you successfully find out your consistent squad, it will be easy to make plan and strategies for you to defeat the enemies. For example, divide the role of squad members. Like, cover fire, rusher and sniper.

8. Take cover

Taking a cover is the best strategy to win the matches in the free fire. On the clash squad matches, you can get various items to take a cover. Like, boundary, walls, trees and many more. So, don’t be smart, fight stealthily.


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