How to get more custom room cards for free in Free fire?

How to get more custom room cards for free in Free fire?

The Garena Free fire is a popular game for its features, new content, and events. The player can explore different types of exciting items to make their gaming experience more enjoyable. So, among all the items, we will talk about the custom room cards and the best way to get them for Free in Free free.

The custom room card helps to play matches with friends or other players in FF.

You can start the custom room matches for different purposes like competitions, tournaments, Fun, and practice.

So, it’s necessary to know how to get more custom room cards without any diamonds or at a discount price.

4 Best way to get Free custom room cards in Free fire

Dynamic duo

From the dynamic duo, you will get 1 custom card for free in Free fire

From the dynamic duo, you will get 1 custom card for free. But, to get it, you have to complete some matches with your mate and earn points.

By getting more points from the dynamic duo, you will get a free room card, also other exciting rewards.

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It is another best way to collect more custom cards in FF.

You have to join the active guild or group of the payers, and you should complete some tasks after joining the group.

After the completion of the objectives, you will get many rewards, including custom cards.


Events in the Free fire with free custom cards.

Most of the events in the Free fire come up with rewards full of free custom cards.

Therefore, you should remain active and wait for the event.

You should check the reward section frequently.

So, go to the event and Complete the event objectives if available.

Create new ID

Special airdrop in Free fire: collect more rewards and get diamonds in discount

You know, the room card in FF are only used to challenge your friends for practice.

So, creating the new ID is the best trick to collect more custom cards indirectly.

Whenever you play a new ID, you will get a special airdrop full of rewards and a diamond offer at a Cheap cost.

So, you can buy diamonds in Free fire at a low price that you can use for getting unlimited custom room cards.

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