The best female characters in Free fire: Top 5 collection with OP ability

The best female characters in Free fire: Top 5 collection with OP ability

You know the Garena Free fire has different types of male and female characters with super abilities. The player can select any best hero for the matches to rock the battleground.

Most of the time, the booyah and high kills in the matches depend upon your character choice. And If you have good knowledge about how to ride the character, you can prove yourself a pro player.

Here, we will collect the top 5 girl characters that are famous for their ability and power.

Top 5 Female characters with best ability in Free fire

NO 5. Notora

Notora: The best Female characte in Free fire

The Notora character recovers more HP in comparison to others. However, her ability only works while you drive a vehicle.

But also, Notora is a super female character in Free fire because her ability is beneficial for all teammates. While driving, she recovers your HP also of all members inside the vehicle.
So, you can choose Notora character while you push for the rank.

NO. 4 Caroline

Caroline: Female characters with best ability in Free fire

Whenever you select Caroline, you can use a shotgun with the next level. The supper ability of the Female character Caroline makes your movement faster while you use shotgun.

So, the Caroline is best for cash squad and custom room. The fighting area on the CS and custom room is small, so the shotgun works better there.

NO 3. Laura

Laura: a free fire female character

It is another OP female character in FF with the best ability. Laura can use a gun with perfect accuracy without any attachment.

For example, whenever you use AKM, Famas, and other AR, you can’t kill or knock an enemy from a long distance because of a recoil problem.

However, if you use the Laura character, you can increase the accuracy of AR from long rang perfectly.

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NO 2. Kapella

Kapella is a super female character with multiple talents

The Kapella is a super girl character with multiple talents, so it is on the top 2 list.

(I) Normal medkit increase 175% health but Kapila boost medkit ability to 190%.
(II) Whenever you use DJ Alok, it gives you 50. But, if you use Alok ability with the Kapella character, you will get 60 HP.

No 1. Kelly

 top female character.: Kelly

Every pro player uses Kelly, so it’s the top female character in Free fire. Whenever you shot an enemy, it gives more damage to them.

For example, the desert eagle gives 90 damage. But if you choose the same gun for the Kelly, the damage of the same gun increase by +5.

Also, it has a higher ability to increase the movement speed in comparison to other characters.

Frequently asked question

  • Does male characters in Free fire are better than female characters?

Firstly, the number of male characters in FF is more than the number of female characters. But, you can’t compare their ability- all are powerful and has a unique ability.

So, it’s difficult to say accurately that which is a more powerful female character or male. However, because of the majority, the male character is used more in comparison to females.

For example- Dj Alok, CR 7(Ronaldo), Skyler are favorites among all the players. But don’t forget to choose the above-mentioned female character, they are the best.

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