How to win every 1 VS 4 custom match in Free fire? 6 Tips

How to win every 1 VS 4 custom match in Free fire? 6 Tips

A custom room is where you can fight against your friend to check who is no. 1 player. In the Free fire custom room, you can play any match like 1 VS 2, 1 VS 4, 2 VS 2, but the most challenging task is to win a solo VS squad(1 VS 4).

In 1 VS 4, you have to fight alone against a squad. So, to win such a battle, you must have the best skills and techniques. Otherwise, your friend will laugh at you after defeating you.

So, you should know how to fight solo VS squad in the customs room to prove yourself an undefeatable Free fire player.

6 tips to win every 1 VS 4 match in Free fire custom room

Try to survive the first round.

How to win first round of custom matches in FF?

What to do in the first round of custom matches in FF? In the first round, you should take desert eagle, not M4A1. The desert eagle is the best gun to give a perfect headshot.

Meaning, without one tap headshot skill, it’s hard to win 1 VS 4 custom match in Free fire.

So, try to impro your aiming accuracy and choose desert eagle.

Select best character combination

Best character combination for 1 VS 4 custom match

The character in the custom match gives you more power to defeat your opponent.

So, you can use the skills of Skyler, Hayato, and Moco. But if you don’t have Skyler, you can choose Alok and woking.

Use Gloo wall

Use of Gloo wall in custom match in Free fire

To survive longer in the custom match, you should use the Gloo wall of ‘C’ shape to get cover from all three directions.

You know, without cover and Gloo wall, it’s not possible to kill the enemy in the open area.

Therefore, learn to use the Gloo wall during the match. And don’t panic in any situation.

What to do if someone throws a grenade at you in the custom match?

How to survive from the grenade attack in Free fire?

If your opponent uses a grenade, firstly, don’t panic and use some idea to survive.

Move back and Use the Gloo wall quickly. And try to give damage to your enemy while he waits for the grenade blast.

Target one by one

Kill your opponent one by one in custom match

In a solo VS squad, pushing on the enemy means challenging a squad. As a result, you can’t defeat them because they are four and you are single.

Therefore, target and finish your opponent one by one after finding the best situation.

Select best weapon combo

Best gun combination to win 1 VS 4 custom match in Free fire

What gun combo do you select? If you choose the best weapon combination, you can win every custom match in Free fire effortlessly.

So, the best gun combination for solo VS squad( 1VS 4) match in the custom match is:

(I) MAT18, UMP, and Desert eagle
(II) UMP and AWM

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