The best character combinations for clash squad match in Free fire

The best character combinations for clash squad match in Free fire

Do you know the best character combinations to win the clash squad match in Free fire?

Nowadays, every FF player plays clash squad because the match finishes in less time. On this mode, you can play four VS four that begins in the random place of random maps. And the rule is, if you succeed in winning all four rounds of clash squad matches, you are the winner.

So, before the match, you should prepare yourself with a helmet, vest, weapon, Gloo wall, grenade, and stun grenades. And the most necessary thing is character combination.

The best combo of the skills of different characters in Free fire can make you a victor of the clash squad. So, let’s discuss.

Top 3 character combinations for clash squad match in Free fire

Combination 1- M1887 (shotgun players)

This FF character combination is best for those who like to use a shotgun in the clash squad. So, if you are a close-range fighter, you can combine these characters skills:

  • Active character: Chrono
The best character skill combination in clash squad match for Chrono character are Kelly, Hayato, Antonio in Free fire. Photo of Chrono

You should use Chrono if you like to use a shotgun. The close-range battle happens in a small area, and there is a risk. So, choosing the Chrono as ‘an active character,’ you can survive from the bullet for some second with the help of a protective shield.

  • Second skill: Kelly
Photo of Kelly character in Free fire

You can use Kelly’s skill when you use the M1887 shotgun in the clash squad. She increases your movement speed by 6%.

  • Third skill: Hayato
Photo of Hayato in Free fire

Your armor penetration becomes higher as your HP becomes lower. The combination of Hayato’s skills increases your survival time.

  • Fourth skill: Antonio
Antonio character in Free fire

Antonio’s skills help you to survive longer in the clash squad. On every round, you can get 235 HP in exchange for 200 HP.

Combination 2- M929 (For sniper player)

Here are the best character combinations for the FF clash squad for sniper players.

  • Active character: Skyer
The best character skill combinations in clash squad  for Skyler character are Kelly, Moco, Rafael in Free fire. Photo of Chrono

You can use Skyler as an active character in Free fire CS. Whenever you give damage to a sniper, the enemy uses a gloo wall and heal themself quickly.

As a result, you can’t get a kill. But, if you select Skyler character, you can destroy the Gloo wall effortlessly.

  • Second skill: Kelly

Kelly can increase the movement speed that helps you to use sniper like a pro.

  • Third skill: Moco
Moco character in Free fire

You know Moco is a hacker. She can detect the location of the enemy and can do the best sniping.

  • Fourth skill: Rafael
Rafael character in Free fire

The skill combo of Rafael character in the clash squad is a perfect choice. The ability of Rafael is it gives a silencer in every sniper. And, just imagine, you give a sniper shot, but nobody detects you.

Combination 3- Best combination of character’s skills for all (Assault rifle)

  • Active character: Woking
The best character skill combination for Woking character are Kelly, D-BEE, Joshep in Free fire clash squad. Photo of Chrono

If you are a rusher player, Woking makes your work easier by increasing your movement speed.

  • Second skill: Kelly

Her ability increases your movement speed up to 6%. You can survive and kill your enemy with AR.

  • Third skill: D-BEE
D-BEE character in Free fire

Whenever you fire on your enemy, D-BEE gives you the best speed level. Also, you can cover fire perfectly by using the BB character combination in the Free fire clash squad.

  • Joseph
Photo of Joshep character in Free fire

The ability of Joseph is it increases the movement speed for a second if you give damage. You can take advantage of a continuous hit.

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