How to improve sound sense in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

How to improve sound sense in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

To get chicken dinner in every match of BGMI, you need three things. They are the best weapon choice, skilled teammate and enemies footstep capturing skills. The ‘sound listening skill’ gives you the best advantages during the match. Either you can rush upon the enemy, or you can hide. So, let’s know the tips to improve the sound sense in Battleground mobile India(BGMI) for fast reflex.

If you have good sound sense, you can survive from your enemy in any situation. You know there are many hot drops in the BGMI that are not safe to land.

However, if you can hear the footstep of the enemy, the sound of a gunshot, you can play there like a pro.

Another benefit of improving the sound sense ability in BGMI is you can rush upon your enemy without any mistake.

Best way to improve the sound sense in BGMI(Battleground mobile India)

Customize best audio setting

Best way to improve the sound sense in BGMI

You can play BGMI on different sound qualities like Low, medium, and Ultra. So, the best audio setting to increase sound sense in BGMI is Ultra.

In the Ultra setting, you can hear the clear sound of your enemy’s footsteps, gun firing, and vehicle.

But, if you have low-end mobile, you can set the sound settings at medium level to get the best sound in BGMI for fast reflex.

Go to the setting, Go to the audio, and select the sound setting Ultra for high-end phones and medium for Low-end phones.

Practice more and more

How to improve the sound sense in Battleground mobile India?

You know the practice can increase your skills. So, the best place to upgrade sound sense in BGMI is TDM.

Play more matches on the TDM on FPP mode to improve your fighting skills in BGMI, including the sound sense. The benefit of playing TDM is there is no fear of losing the rank.

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Use the best quality headphone.

Use best headphone to improve sound sense in BGMI.

The cheap headphone doesn’t give you best sound quality while playing the game. So, search and compare the headphone according to your budget and buy it.

You can take the suggestion from your friend who has purchased headphones for gaming.

And after buying the headphones, use them properly- The right side for the right ear and vice versa.

Other suggestions

(I) You should play more matches of solo VS squad because it’s the only place to hear the sound of your enemy’s activity.

(II) Play with your friends using a room card.
(III) Play the BGMI on a sound volume of about 75% to 85%.

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