How to play BGMI on low-end devices smoothly? Reduce lag

How to play BGMI on low-end devices smoothly? Reduce lag

Nowadays, most android games have higher system requirements- More RAM, storage, and the best processor. And if you play the games like BGMI, PUBGM, COD on low-end devices, it runs with many problems like frame rate drop, lagging, crashing, mobile hang, and many more.

And if the game is unable to run smoothly on a mobile screen, you will not get the best gaming experience and fun.

After Battleground Mobile India become available for download, millions of players installed it on their mobile.

However, most of the players are not getting smooth gameplay of BGMI because of 2GB-3GB RAM.

So, here let’s discuss some points about how you can run BGMI with higher FPS even in a phone below 3GB RAM.

How to play BGMI on low-end devices smoothly? Reduce lag

The solution will help you to minimize the lagging problems in BGMI by 80% chance.

Here’s how you can play BGMI smoothly on low-end devices without a lag issue

Clean your mobile

Your mobile will hang and become slow if you have installed many application-Or if your device is out of space.

More apps consume more portion of RAM and battery. And they disturb the performance of other necessary app processes.

So, it’s better to remove unwanted files and apps from your device to get a higher FPS gameplay of BGMI.

Resource pack

There are many maps, modes, and features with high-graphic quality on the battleground mobile India game.

And if you want to play more, you have to download resource packs. However, if you play BGMI on 2GM, 3GB RAM device, you need to download only the necessary resources.

If you download all packs at once, your low-end mobile will give lag problems while playing BGMI.

Use best GFX

It is an alternative method to run the BGMI with the best frame rate on the mobile below 3GB RAM. You can use the free ‘GFX tool for the Pubg application to get the best result. The app works best on PUBGM as well as Battleground mobile India.

(Step1)- Install the ‘GFX tool for the Pubg app from the play store. Open the app and select 1.5X(BGMI)

(Step2)- Customize the best setting for the game

Resolution: 960X540
Graphic: Smooth
FPS: 40
Style: Soft

This setting is best for those who play BGMI on a low-end device.

(Step3)- Save the setting and launch the game.


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