Best brain games for android: Download and play to boost memory power

The human brain becomes analytical and intelligent if it gets problems and tasks to solve. But, if you don’t exercise your mind, its capacity decreases and freezes. So, it’s better to give logical tasks to your brain regularly. And if you have nothing to do, you can play brain games on your android to develop your intellectual capacity. In this article, you will know the ’10 best mind games’ for android that will increase your short-term and long-term memory, focus, and problem-solving skills.

10 best brain games that you can play on your android to boost memory power

Reversi Free

The Reversi is the best mind game for android that has unique classic gameplay. The game starts with an empty board, and each player must place the first two-disc on the board. And you have to flip your disc way to success where a position with a most counter loss.

Reversi game has a two-player hot seat and 10 hard levels with clues. The game can help to develop your thinking capacity and increase your planning skills.
It is a free version of Reversi supported by ads. But, if you want to boost your mind power in an ad-free environment, you can buy its premium for 3.45$ from the store. Also, unlock other features.

Brain it on

The game has hundreds of challenging physic puzzles that will make your think deeper to solve them. In this game, you will get written instruction, and you have to complete the level by drawing the best shape using your imagination. The solution of each level doesn’t have a single solution, and you can complete it uniquely using your physic knowledge. This mind game can help to improve your imagination and logical capacity.

Flow water

It is an entertaining game of logic and intelligence that consist 750 It is an entertaining game of logic and intelligence that consist 750 levels divided into different packs. In this game, your objective is to make a path for water to reach its destination. You have to complete levels by making the water flow from its origin to the colour fountains making waterfalls. The 3D graphic of the flow water game will give you a better experience.


It is a perspective illusion puzzle based on M.C Escher’s drawing and an impossible shape that will unblock your frozen brain. Its unique gameplay, music, and sound are relaxing with 120 beautifully crafted mind-bending levels. Also, you can enjoy endless modes to train your brain. This android game is the best to increase your focus on your work.


Best brain games for android: Free

The chess game is famous for increasing brain power- Either you play on your android or with your friend sitting on a chair. Playing chess on android has some advantages. Firstly, you can play even if you don’t have friends- you can play with an unbeatable CPU. Secondly, you can play with global chess masters.

So, the chess game on android increases your long-term and short-term memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. So, this chess game is best for its graphic and classic board. It has 10 levels starting from easy to undefeatable. Also, you can try daily IQ events to check your mental skills.


Best brain games for android

It is an award-winning top mind game on android that is suitable for all including, students. The content inside Lumosity consists of games based on science designed to exercise memory, speed, flexibility, and problem-solving. In this game, you can play different research-based games that will make your brain analytical and intelligent in everything.

This game is both free and paid. And you can enjoy some content for free. But, to unlock other outstanding levels, you need to buy premium. And purchasing the game will not make you regret it.- it’s best, to try it.

Unblock me free

Best brain games for android

The award-winning android game Unblock me is the best classic brain training game that improves your cognitive and problem-solving skills. Your objective is to make a route for the red bar to reach its destination. You can choose over 40000 puzzles from three challenging modes that are best for all age groups. The game is free, and you can play offline and online.
It has easy gameplay and has daily rewards, hints, and themes.

Logic master

The logic master game has unusual and tricky questions that help to make you a smarter, creative, and mastermind. In the game, there are more than 200 unique and addictive problems with one-way solutions.

The logic master has addictive gameplay with the best graphic quality, and its sound, music effect are full of excitement. Just try the game and become the best IQ master among the players all over the world. Furthermore, the game has another part(Logic master: tricky and odd) that you can play after completing the first part. Both are brain training and addictive games.

River Crossing IQ

This IQ app contains 24 logic games that will make you think deeply to find out the best solution. Each level has a river with a character standing on the edge.

And your task is to help them to cross the river without losing anyone. The graphic is simple, and the gameplay is smooth. And I guarantee you won’t become tired of playing River crossing IQ.

Brain test: Tricky puzzle

It is a free brain-exercising game that will let you test your IQ level at anytime, anywhere.
If you love to play word games, puzzles, sudoku, riddle games, quiz games, then a brain test game is one solution.

It’s tricky brain puzzles will not let you keep your phone away from you. And after you complete the Brain test: Tricky Puzzle, play the remaining belonging 3 games on your android. All are famous for increasing memory capacity.

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