How to get more kills in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

How to get more kills in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

The KD ratio is directly related to the more kills in the BGMI(Battleground mobile India).

You know, the player who has the best KD are pros. It means they are the master of killing the enemies in the match.

Therefore it’s necessary to get a ‘high numbers of kills’ in every match in BGMI classic match to prove yourself the no. 1 player. So, let’s discuss some tips.

6 tips to get a high number of kills(finish) in BGMI

Play 1 VS 4 match

tips to get a high number of kills

Most of the time, the teammate steals the kill. So, if you play the solo VS squad, you can get more than 20 kills in every BGMI ranked match effortlessly.

1 VS 4 match has many other advantages like no need to share the loot with others; you can concentrate on your gameplay without burdon; Also, no one will steal your kills. However, you require the best skills to survive alone.

Use cover in the matches

more than 20 kills in every BGMI ranked match

The cover can make you safe from your enemy and their bullet. The more you survive in the BGMI battleground, the higher no. of kills you will get.

In the fighting area, you will get walls, trees, bushes that work as a shield. So, don’t forget to use them for your safety.

Go to Hot drops

The hot drop location is the best place to get more kills quickly in Battleground mobile India. In the Hot drops, the most player lands for loot and other benefits.

So, if you land in such a place, no need to spend time finding enemies- they will come to you themselves.

Furthermore, in these places, you will also get some bots. So, playing in hot drop place is the best idea to get more than 20 finishes in the BGMI match.

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Rush upon your enemy

High kills in every BGMI ranked match

You have to learn how to rush upon the enemy to get high kills in BGMI. Rush means you challenge your opponent instead of hiding and camping. But it needs the best skills and plan.

Another thing is, you should not waste your time finding loots and perfect suppliers. If you do so, your other enemies will steal your kill.

Use Vehicle

UAZ, Decia, Monster Truck are best vehicle to get more kills in BGMI

The use of vehicles in the match can help you to kill more numbers of enemies. You can travel here and there quickly, and you can secure yourself with the help of a vehicle.

So, find the vehicle and fuel to get enemies quicker and to finish them safely. And if you are a rusher and want to get more KD, then these will be the best for you:
(II) Decia
(III) Monster Truck

Wait for airdrop

To kill high numbers of enemies (finish) in BGMI, firstly, you have to find them. So, the best place to get more enemies is near airdrop.

Most of the players, wait for the airdrop, and they ran toward it without any caution.

In this case, you should not go for the airdrop. Instead, target your weapon toward drop from long range or short range. And if any enemy runs to pick airdrop-shoot him.

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