What is the best loot place in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

What is the best loot place in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

The loot items help to win the match. So, firstly, every player goes to the place where they can find enough loot in BGMI.

There is a total of six maps in Battleground mobile India. And all of them have unique features, sizes, match duration.

The Livik and Karakin are small maps in BGMI with the size of 2*2. The match long lasts for 15-16 minutes among 60 payers.

Similarly, in the Erangle, Sanhok, Miramar map, the match remains 30-32 minutes among 100 payers. And among all the large maps in the BGMI are Erangle and Miramar.

So, each map has many places for travel and fight. Among those locations in every map of BGMI, some are best to find more loot items. Let’s discuss it.

The best place to find more loot in BGMI(All maps)

Loot place in Livik map

Loot place in BGMI Livik map

The fighting area of Livik is small in comparison to the map in the BGMI.

And there are some locations inside Livik, where you will get full of attachments, high-level defenses, and other loot in Battleground mobile India.

(I) Ice Borg
(II) Power plant (It is also a hot-drop location)

(III) Fisker Hus
(IV) Midtstein

Loot place in Erangle map

Best Loot place in BGMI Erangle map

Most players choose the Erangle map to push rank, rush, and for the more loot items. These are the best loot location inside the Erangle in BGMI:

(I) Primorsk
(II) Georgopol(Also a Hot drop)

(III) Novorepnoye(Also a Hot drop)
(IV) Sosnovka military base(Also a Hot drop (V) Mylta power

Loot location in Karakin map

Best places to get more loots in BGMI Karakin Map

The area of the Karakin is equal to the size of the Livik map. The best location to find loot inside Karakin are:
(I) Bashara
(II) Bahr Sahir

Loot location in Sanhok map

Best loot location in BGMI Sanhok map

The area of the Sanhok map is medium, but it’s a competitive place.

These are the top loot place to find loot in the BGMI Sanhok: (I) Camp alpha
(II) Docks

(III) Paradise
(IV) Bot camp(Also a hot drop)

Loot place in Miramar

Best loot spot in Miramar map in BGMI

The Miramar is best to get airdrop full of Win96, Kar98, M24, and AWM.

The high loot place in the Miramar map are: (I) EI Pozo
(II) Los Leones(Also a Hot drop)
(III) Valle Del Mar

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