Where to find more bots on BGMI? Battleground mobile India.

Bots on Battleground mobile India.

Let’s discuss the best area to find bots in BGMI.

Nowadays, every player judges another player’s KD ratio to find out his\her ability.

If your KD is less, then others will call you a Noob player. So, it’s necessary to maintain a good KD ratio.

And this blog will tell you the best location to find more or at least 2 bots for kills in the BGMI Livik and erangle map.

Because Bots are the best thing in the game that helps you increase your KD- If you successfully kill two bots in every match in BGIM, you can maintain KD at 2.00 effortlessly.

And if you kill a real enemy, you can make it at 3.00 to 4.00 each season.

The best secret place to find bots in BGMI(Battleground mobile India)

In battleground mobile India, Livik and erangle maps are famous for bots. But in the remaining other maps, there is no exact location to get bots.

Bots place for erangle map in BGMI.

(I) Pochinki squad house

In this place, you will get 2-4 bots in every match of battleground mobile India. So, land on the Pochinki squad house and get more bots.

(ii) Near the school area.

There is no name for this bot place. So, you look at picture I on the Erangle map. And with other kill bots you can travel to school for more loot and real enemies.

(iii) Nearby Pochinki compound.

The marked area has no name located nearby the Pochinki compound. (Given in picture I). In this place, you can kill at least 3-4 bots in every match of BGMI. And after you complete your goal, you can move to pachinko for more loot.

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Bot place for Livik beta map.

find more bots on BGMI  Livik beta map

(i) Side of Midtstain

You can see the exact location of Midtstain on ‘Picture II‘ where you can get many bots. In that place, you can get many bots in all matches.

But think twice before you land with your team. Otherwise, your squad will steal your bots.

(ii) Gronhos to midtstein way

There is no name for the compounds. So, I gave the name ‘Gronhos to Midstein way'(Given in picture II)- The area is inside livik and is famous for the bots.

(iii) Side of power plant compound

In this area, you can find 1-2 bots in BGMI. But the problem is there is a risk of a real enemy attack. It’s a hot drop, and most players land there.

So, you should kill bots and escape from the area or fight if you can.


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