Free classic crate in BGMI: How to get in Battleground Mobile India?

Free classic crate in BGMI: How to get in Battleground Mobile India?

The classic crate is a surprise box in BGMI that contains different rewards like free Mythic, Legendary, and epic items, including M416 glacier skin.

Moreover, by opening the crates, you can unlock other items like skins, outfits, silvers, and many more for free.

Therefore, you must know the possible sources to collect more classic crates without spending UC in Battleground mobile India(BGMI). Let’s continue.

Best ways to get more numbers of the classic crate for free in BGMI

Use silver fragments

Get 5 classic coupon scrap for free in BGMI using silver fragments

From the BGMI shop, you can buy 5 coupon scraps daily by spending 200 silvers. You know 10 coupon scrap are needed to make 1 classic crate in BGMI.

It means, from the daily redeem, you can make one crate in 2 days that will cost a total of 400 silvers.
(I) Visit the shop.
(II) Go to redeem option.
(III) Purchase five crate coupon scrap daily.

Complete events

Unlock more classic crate in BGMI from events.

The game introduces special events on special occasions. In those events, you will get some missions to complete.

And by completing those tasks, you will get many rewards, including a classic crate for free.

(I) Go to the event section.
(II) Complete the mission if available.

Redeem from clan shop

Earn more clan points and get more classic crates in battleground mobile India

You can use clan points to get classic crates in BGMI. From the clan shop, you can redeem three coupon scraps weekly by using 30 clan points.

So, it will take about three weeks to make a free classic crate from the clan shop.

(I) Go to the clan.
(II) Go to the clan shop.
(III) Buy 3 classic crate coupons by exchanging clan points.

Complete achievements

In the mission section, you will get a list of achievements, and you have to complete them for rewards. The BGMI achievement rewards include free classic crates, silvers, outfits, skins, premium crates, and many more.

Remain weekly active

Always remain active in BGMI

From the weekly active feature, you will get classic crates in battleground mobile India.

But only you have to remain active in the game, and you have to play matches. However, don’t play only on the training ground and Cheerpark.

Increase RP rank

Increase RP rank and get more classic crates in BGMI

In each higher rank of RP, you will get rewards in the BGMI like silver, outfits, emotes, stickers, a classic crate for free, and many more. So, try to upgrade your RP rank.

Play brothers in arm

Brother in arm in BGMI

From the brothers in arms match, you can get rewards like trainer title, supplier coupons, classic crates, and many more. So, complete brother in arms matches in BGMI.

Royale adventure method

Royale adventure in BGMI

You can get 30 free classic crates coupons in BGMI by spinning royale adventure. It means you can make 3 crates. However, for the spin, you have to upgrade the elite royale pass.

Frequently asked question

  • What is the best time to open a classic crate in BGMI?

‘The best timing for opening a classic crate is from 12 am to 6 am.’ During that time, you can unlock mythic and legendary with a high chance from the classic crate in BGMI.


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