How to become a solo conqueror in BGMI? Get more plus points.

How to become a solo conqueror in BGMI? Get more plus points.

In the Battleground mobile India, you can play on three modes. They are solo, duo, and squad. Among all matches, it is hard to get plus points for a conqueror tier in solo in BGMI.

In the solo mode, you have to play a match without any support of partner and squad. You have to face the pro campers alone, and you must have the best fighting, aiming, and surviving skills. Moreover, playing solo matches is a bit boring because you will get no friends to talk to.

Therefore, comparing to the duo and squad, the solo match is more difficult to reach in the conqueror tier in battleground mobile India. So, it’s necessary to know the best technique to win all solo matches. Let’s continue.

Here are some tips to get plus points for conqueror tier in BGMI solo mode

Avoid walking in open places.

Buggy vehicle in BGMI

Everyone points their weapon to the open area in the battleground. Therefore, don’t walk in such places to survive longer.

But, If you want to travel to another safe location, then use the vehicle to survive the enemy’s bullet. Otherwise, as much as possible, stay in one safe zone to get plus points in solo matches in BGMI.

Improve your aiming skills

The better-aiming skills give you more finishes in the match. In solo mode, only your enemies will walk around you. You will have no one to take support.

Therefore, before going to match alone, improve your aiming skill and customize your sensitivity setting at the best level.

Play with confidence and hope

Don't take rush and play with confidence to become a conqueror tier in BGMI.

The solo match is more challenging than the squad and duo. So, most of the players lose their confidence during the match. They think they are alone and enemies are more skilled and stronger.

But don’t think like that because you are also playing for the BGMI to get solo conqueror tier. It means you are also a pro player, don’t you?

So, play with hope and confidence, don’t panic about footstep sound, vehicle sound, and enemies’ upgraded weapons. And be careful in every step. Take a cover if you notice your enemy throw grenade at you.

Take more health kits.

Your squad will not save you or share anything with you. It’s your responsibility to prepare yourself. So, take more health kits to win the solo match in BGMI to reach the conqueror rank.

You know, taking health kits increases your points during the match. So, consume the first kit, energy drink, pain killer.

Try to use throwable and cover

Use more throwable weapon in BGMI match to be solo conqueror

You can use throwable weapons to divert your enemy or to finish them. If you reach the final zone, you need a smoke grenade to make the cover.

And while fighting, Molotov cocktail, stun grenade, frag grenade are best. Therefore, pick up enough throwable and use them in the match.

Furthermore, either you fight from long-range or short-range, always take cover. Moreover, if you have a flare gun, use it out of the circle to get BRDM. The BRDM vehicle will give you the best cover.

Finish your enemy with a sniper

Pick up best weapon in BGMI to get plus points for conqueror in solo mode.

The first rule to be a conqueror in solo mode in BGMI, avoid the rush and close-range fights. Therefore, use snipers with scope to finish your enemy from a long distance.

AR is also the best weapon, but it’s not suitable for a long-range flight. It will give damage to the enemy but without a kill.

Camp in the safe place

Safe place for camping in BGMI: Solo conqueror

Aggressive gameplay is not good in the solo mode. To get plus points for solo conqueror in battleground mobile India(BGMI), find a safe place and camp there.

By doing so, you can increase your survival time safely, and you can make some plans. However, before camping, collect necessary loot items.


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