How to increase likes in Free fire quickly? 5 best tips

How to increase likes in Free fire quickly? 5 best tips

The more likes you get in Garena Free fire, the more your reputation will increase. One player can donate one like to other players in every match.

Every other player will call you pro if you have many likes. Also, the more likes make your profile attractive and unique.

Therefore, one question comes, how can I get unlimited likes in Free fire? And we will discuss some possible tips in this article.

Best 5 tips to increase likes in Free fire

Best dresses combination

Use expensive bundle to get more like in Free fire

Most of the players wear simple dresses and bundles, so they don’t get like. Because players only get likes if someone loves something about him\her.

So, if you wear an expensive bundle and skin, you will get more likes with a 70%-80% chance of Free fire. The rear dress makes you unique and impressive.

But, if you don’t have such items, then use what you have, and it must be attractive than others.

Banner and avatar

The best banner and avatar attract others’ eyes toward you. Therefore, using the most rear avatar and banner is the best trick to increase likes quickly in Free fire.

So, choose old season banners and avatars to make a good impression.

But if you don’t have old version items, you can use heroic and grandmaster banners to get more likes. Or, you can use high-level banners.

Don’t use lol emote

Players use lol emotes to insult others during the match. Most players use lol emote after they kill their enemy.

But you know, trolling them makes them aggressive and angry person doesn’t spread love.

Therefore, instead of Lol emote, use loving emotes in the match. By doing so, your enemy will also give you like to you with respect.

Kill all squad yourself

Kill the squad and get more likes in free fire.

Can you kill all squad members alone? If you do it continuously, it means you are brave, skilled, pro, and god of the Free fire. Other players will praise your talent and give you like without any delay.

So, try to knock all squad Or get more kills in matches to get more likes in FF.

However, don’t use lol emote after knocking them. And use expensive and unique bundles.

Play with squad

Play with squad and increase likes in Free fire

It is the best way to get three likes in every match without doing anything. Play with your squad members.

If they fail to survive, they will donate to you like while going. But, play clash squad matches to get more like faster in Free fire.

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