Poker MP40 in Free fire: How some players unlocked it?

Poker MP40 in Free fire: How some players unlocked it?

The Poker MP40 is the rarest skin in Free fire. It has four different colors and types. And they are:

(I) Red (Blazing heart)
(II) Green(Eternal diamond)
(III) Blue (Dreaming Club)
(IV) Yellow (Flashing spade)

It helps to increase the damage of your weapon and its accuracy.

The MP40 cosmetic gives you more support to get more booyah, kills in every match.

MP40 Blazing heart in Free fire (RED)

The Poker MP40 came in the equator last time, and few players unlocked it that time.

However, after that, it becomes a rare and precious item.

Here, we will discuss how few players get Poker MP40 skin when it returns last time.

Here’s how the players get Poker MP40 in Free fire

Collect evolution stones and blueprint of royal flash

You can make a Poker MP40 using the evolution stones and blueprint of royal flash in Free fire.

Eternal diamond MP40 (Green)

You will get these two items from the poker MP40 wheel that cost 40 diamonds per spin.

From the spin, you will get many other rewards like the character’s memory fragments, skins.

Among all, you have to unlock the evolution stone and blueprint to create a Poker MP40.

So, to make flashing spade poker MP40 skin, you need 7 evolution stones and 3 blueprints of royale flash.

Flashing spade MP40 in Free fire(Yello poker)

And to get eternal diamond poker MP40, it requires 5 evolution stones and 3 blueprints.

Similarly, 3 evolution stones and one blueprint are needed for blazing heart and dreaming Clube MP40.

Dreaming Club(blue) MP40 in Free fire

So, few players spent diamonds on the wheel to get their favorite cosmetic item in FF.

(Note) Currently, you can’t spin a wheel to unlock Poker MP40. Nowadays, it is not available in the Free fire store.

But it may again arrive in the future as it came at the last event. Let’s hope it will be back soon with new features.

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