How to hit a perfect headshot in Free fire? 4 Best tricks

trick to hit a perfect headshot in Free fire

In the Garena Free Fire, the headshot has more damage than the body shot, and every player wants to learn tricks to hit a perfect headshot.

If you have the skill to give an accurate headshot, you will get some advantages.

  • Get more kills in less time.
  • Save bullet
  • Higher chance of getting booyah.
  • Get the name of the headshot master.

That’s why here you will know the trick to give an accurate headshot in FF like a pro.

The best trick to hit a perfect headshot in Free fire

  • Customize your sensitivity at the best level

You know, to give a perfect shot, you need accurate aiming skills. And only you can increase your aim skills if you practice a lot after customizing the best sensitivity.

So, firstly make your sensitivity, control, custom hud setting best before you try to perform a headshot in FF.

  • What gun do you choose?

Do you know, some weapons in Free fire have low recoil, and they are best for the headshot? So, not only the sensitivity but also suitable gun choice is equally important.

So, you can use M14, Scar-L, Groza, AWM guns in ranked matches to hit your enemy with a perfect headshot.

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  • Play in the smooth graphic
How to hit a perfect headshot in Free fire?

Ultra graphic players get a higher advantage than low-end device players.

For example, if you play free fire on high-end mobile, you will get smooth gameplay than the below 2GB Ram phone. Also, the lagging will not disturb you.

So, it’s better to play the game on the ultra graphic if your device supports that.

However, if you have a low-end device, you can optimize the performance using the best GFX tools. The GFX increases the smoothness of the graphic while playing Free fire.

  • Do it quickly
How to give a perfect headshot in Free fire?

Remember, you have to do it before your enemy knocks you.

(I) Firstly, target your aim on the body of the enemy quickly

(II) After that, tap on the fire button and slide upward immediately.

By trying this method, your bullet will hit the head of your enemy accurately. However, the problem is that it requires a lot of practice.

Therefore, practice more in the training ground using the weapon that you use in the ranked matches.

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