How to get bot lobby in Free fire ranked matches?

bot lobby in Free fire

The bot lobby means you will get programmed, less active bot enemies in the matches. And if you get it, you will win every ranked FF match effortlessly. So, every player questions that- are there any tips to match with bot lobby in the Free fire? So, we will answer the question in this article.

Bots in the Fire

You know, the new Free fire player gets many bots in the battleground in comparison to the high-tier and skilled players.

Because the new player doesn’t have much fighting and surviving skills to face the real enemies.
If they get a skilled opponent from the starting, they will lose every match and feel bored.

Therefore, the Garena Free fire gives bots to new players to increase their rank and skills while playing the matches.

Other advantages of bots in Free fire are:

(I) Increase KD ratio quickly
If you get 10-15 bots in every match, you can maintain your KD ratio at the top.

(II) Get good points
If you get booyah with a high number of kills, you will get good points to push your rank. And the bots can help you to do so.

4 Tips to get bot lobby in Free fire

Unequip items

Every player has an expensive and permanent character, pet, and skin. However, taking all these items in the matches can decrease the getting bot lobby.

Therefore, it’s better to play matches without rare characters, pets, and skin to get many bots in the Free fire. And the important thing is ADAM character is best to get bot lobby in FF. Also, if you want to take a pet, then select a Ketty.

Play with new or low tier player

The new and low-ranked player gets more bots in FF. So, you can increase the bot lobby chance in FF by playing with low-tier teammates.

You have to invite one low-tier player and give him\her leadership to start the match. However, if your rank is low, then you can begin the match yourself.

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Continuous lose

bot lobby in Free fire

If you lose some matches continuously with 0 kills, you will get more bots in the next matches in the Free fire. This trick works if you try.

However, I don’t suggest you try this trick to join the bot lobby in Free fire because it’s not good to lose the matches intentionally. It can affect your other ranking.

Play in the best time

According to the experience, the Free fire match-making depends upon the time also. So, when few players come online, the number of bots increases in the matches and vice versa.

So, from 1 am to 6 am most of the player goes offline. And if you play the game at that time, you could get a high number of bots in the Free fire.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to get bot lobby in the heroic tier in Free fire?

Yes, you can get bots in the Heroic tier in the Free fire. And not only heroic, but also you will get bot lobby in any other ranks if you follow the tips. However, in the higher tier, you will get fewer bots in comparison to the low.

  • How can I identify a bot in Free fire?

It’s easy to know which is a bot in the FF, for example:

(I) They give low damage in comparison to the real enemies.

(II) Bots can’t use medkits.

(III) The bots in the Free fire can’t throw grenades and Gloo wall.

(IV) They fire each other.

(V) You can kill bots easily.

(VI) They can’t use gun skins, characters, vehicles, and pets.

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