Best safe places in Free fire with more loots inside the Bermuda map

Best safe places in Free fire with more loots inside the Bermuda map

In this article, you will know the highly safe places in the Free fire where you can hide and get more loot during the match- and it’s all about Bermuda.

Bermuda is the most popular map in the Garena Free fire game. It is a map of the clash squad with the size of 800*800. On this map, there are many locations- among them, some are safe, and others are hot drops.

Why is loot necessary for Free fire?

You know, every loot item helps to get booyah in the Free fire. For example, if you don’t have a Gloo wall, you can’t survive in the open area while fighting.

And if you don’t have gun attachments, you can’t give a perfect shot to your enemy in the battleground.

Why is safe landing necessary in Free fire?

You know, survival time determines the booyah in the FF.
If you land on the hot drop area where the many enemies land, you will struggle to get loot. Also, you will feel difficulty surviving longer.

However, if you choose the best hiding points in Free fire, you can keep yourself safe from your enemies. Also, there are other advantages like:

  • Get enough loot without risk.
  • Increase survival time.
  • Safeguard points.
  • Get booyah effortlessly.

Now, the question is- what is the top hiding place in the Free fire where I can get enough loot?

5 best safe places for landing to get enough loot in Free fire Bermuda map

Rim Nam village

Best safe places in FF- Rim Nam village

It is an open and fishing location inside the Bermuda map full of loot items in the FF.

In Rim Nam village, you can collect enough loot without any fear of enemies because it is the safest place in the Free fire.


Best drop location in Free fire- Riverside

On the riverside location, you will get the bridge and small houses but fewer loot items.

However, the best thing about this location is it is a safe location for landing in Free fire and the best for the rank push. And you can travel to the small compound area located to the riverside for more loots.


top hiding place in FF- Plantation

There are many small houses and large dam on the Plantation area which forms the Bermuda river.

And the plantation area is best to find enough loot items, and it is the safest zone from the enemy.

Kota Tua

Best landing places in FF- Kota Tua

The Kota Tua locates across the road of the Bermuda map- and you will see houses in this place. In the Kota Tua, you will get a compound full of loots- Also it is the best hiding spot in the Free fire.


Best hiding location in Free fire- Bullseye

The Bullseye locates near the shipyard. Here, you will see small houses in the fixed area that are not suitable for the loot. But it is the best place to hide from the enemies.

Also, you can travel to a safe place called the Graveyard near the Bullseye to get more loots in the FF.

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