What is the best auto headshot sensitivity setting in Free fire?

Best auto headshot sensitivity setting in Free fire

You have seen how the Youtubers and pro players kill their enemy by headshot. But do you know how they do that? The secret of that skill is they customize their sensitivity setting perfect for an auto headshot in Free fire.

The setting for the auto headshot is the trending trick used by most players to get a quick rank in classic ranked matches.

And you know, the player who has the perfect sensitivity doesn’t miss the head of an enemy in the battleground.

That’s why let’s know the perfect auto headshot setting to get accurate head aim in the FF.

Best sensitivity setting for the auto headshot in Free fire

Basic setting

It doesn’t affect your control because it only manages language, accounts in the game. So, no need to alter it.

Sensitivity setting

Firstly, I want to say if you are perfect with your current sensitivity, then no need to change it.

However, if you are not satisfied with the current sensitivity, you can use the setting to increase the auto headshot accuracy in Free fire. Here it is:

Red dot89%
2X scope90%
4X scope90%
Sniper scope20%

Control setting

The best custom hud setting for an auto headshot in Free fire is shown in the picture:-

 best custom hud setting for an auto headshot in Free fire

Control is also an important setting that you have to customize for an accurate headshot.

Aim precisionDefaultRun modeClassic
Left fire buttonScope onIn-game tipsDefault
Quick weapon switchOnDamage indicatorNew
Quick ReloadOffAuto switch gunOn
Hold fire to scopeOnVisual effectsClassic
Grenade shotSingle shotFreelookOn
Vehicle controlsOne-handedHit markerNew
Auto parachuteOnTeammate infoTranslucent

Auto Pickup

You can decide what to pick up and what not by customizing the auto pickup setting in the Free fire. And, sometimes, the wrong auto pick-up can give you negative gameplay. So, here is the best;

Armor and backpacksOnSpecial equipmentOff
MedkitsOnEvent itemsOn
AmmoOnAuto pick up speedFast
AttachmentsOnFF tokenOn

Display setting

The good graphic plays a good role while aiming the head of an opponent. If your display setting is best, then it means you have reduced headshot failure by 50%.

However, the graphic level depends upon your device capacity, so customize it accordingly.

Sound setting

You can select a sound high or medium according to your choice. But, it’s compulsory to capture the sound in the matches, so don’t play the game on a low setting.

Notification settings

The notification setting is not related to the headshot, so no need to change it.

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