The rare bundles in Free fire: Top 10 bundle collections

Free fire is the most downloaded and popular battle royale game in the world. In this game, players can use many characters, guns, skins, and other equipment. Also, they can use different types of costumes, bundle by unlocking form events and missions for free. However, we will discuss the rare bundles in the Garena free fire that every player wants to achieve.

Top 10 rare bundles in Free fire

Criminal bundle

green criminal bundle in the free fire

The criminal bundle comes in the second incubator in each royale. There are four criminal bundles in free fire– Red criminal, Purple criminal, Blue criminal, and yellow criminal.

However, in season 8, the lucky star event came where the player collected the token name lucky star and get the green criminal bundle in the free fire. As a result, the total number of criminal bundles becomes five. And among all of the criminal bundles, the green one is the rarest in the free fire game.

Sakura bundle

It is a bundle with a head with a horn and an attractive bundle in a free fire that came in the 1st season elite pass. It is the most demanding bundle, and each wishes to unlock it for free.

Nowadays, the male bundle of sakura and its head is most popular among the Free fire players.

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Hip hop bundle

This bundle came in the 2nd elite pass in the free fire. And because of its unique style, every player wishes to collect this bundle.

The hip hop bundle is rare and precious in the free-fire because it’s the only bundle in the game with a printed ‘Garena‘ logo.

Winterland male bundle

The game released the Winterland male bundle in the winter season on Christmas. And because of its good looks, it is famous among the player. And the reason it is a rare item is, only a few players have unlocked it till now.

Breakdancer bundle

This bundle came in the gold royale in the luck royal section and became very popular in the last year’s Dewali wishing event.

And, again, the breakdancer bundle return in the game, but only a few Free fire players get it by using diamonds.

Samurai bundle

The samurai is the unique and stylish bundle in the Free fire. This bundle becomes famous at the time of its release. And because of its appearance, it’s a heart-wining item till now.

Bunny bundle

The rare bundles in Free fire- Bunny

The head of the Bunny bundle is like a rabbit, and you can see most of the youtube wear it to show their audience.

Joker bundle

The joker bundle is also the best demanding bundle that came in the diamond royal and incubator royal. Altogether, there are 5 male joker bundles and 5 female joker bundles with unique looks.

Bandit bundle

The rare bundles in Free fire- Bandit

This bundle comes in the diamond royale. And, the luck royale section of bandit became popular, and most of the players used the vest of bandit bundle.

Last year, in the magic base event, the Bandit bundle came, and many players unlocked for free. However, most players still don’t have this item in their vault, and it’s rare.

Artic blue bundle

The rare bundles in Free fire- Artic blue

This bundle comes in the luck royal section. However, in the last year, most of the players get Artic blue bundle in the wishing event of Free fire in Dewali.


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