How to get a lot of popularity in BGMI quickly? Battleground mobile India

popularity in BGMI (Battleground mobile India)

In battleground mobile India, there are many things that players can achieve and collect. Among all, to collect a lot of popularity is the dream of every BGMI player.

The players can increase their reputation and fame by getting more popularity in the game. Also, it helps to unlock some other achievements in the BGMI.

Furthermore, another advantage of more popularities in battleground mobile India is players can see their name in the popularity rank dashboard of their country.

Simply, you can say it shows how many other players liked you and your BGMI profile. For example, most of youtube has the highest popularity in BGMI.

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You know, after shifting to battleground mobile India, the popularity rank become zero of all players.

And they have to struggle from the beginning to bring back their lost popularities

Here are the tips to increase popularity in BGMI quickly

Purchase bike from the clan

You take much time to built and level up your clan in the PUBGM. But after shifting to the BGMI, your hard-made clan becomes useless.

But don’t lose your hope and try to add more members to your clan again. Because if you make the clan of level 5, you can purchase a bike from the clan shop daily.

So, try to level up your clan, add members, request your social media friend to join the clan.

Don’t forget to give like

After you finish the match, you can give a like to your teammate in BGMI. However, most of the time, you may forget to do so- and it is a matter of regret.

If you give a like to a teammate, you will get 10 popularity. And you can collect 30 popularity in a one-match by giving like to the three teammates.

Now count, if you always share likes, in a month, you will have unlimited popularity in the BGMI.

But the problem is the match ends in 30 minutes, and it’s a long time.

But you can use tick to increase popularity in battleground mobile India by playing on the LIVIK, Karakin, and TDMS.

From local message

Nowadays, many players get a lot of popularity from the local chat using the fake names of the popular YouTubers. But it’s a wrong trick to increase popularity status.

So, be a good guy, use your real name, and request others to give popularity from the local chat.

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