How to make a farmer villager in Minecraft for trading agricultural goods?

Photo of a farmer villager in Minecraft

Living in a society full of people is the best thing in Minecraft. You can breed them and trade essential goods with them. But the most necessary thing is giving the best job. And in this article, we will discuss how you can give farmer jobs to the villager in Minecraft.

Why give a farmer job to villagers?

You know the jobless villagers are useless in the game- they will only sleep in your bed. But if you make villagers a farmer in Minecraft, then you can take some benefits.

Firstly, you can build good relations with them so that they could settle there for a longer.

Secondly, you can trade agricultural products with them to make your mission easier.

By making villager a farmer, you can buy crops and dishes like pumpkin, pumpkin pie, crops, melon, wheat, bread, emeralds, beetroots, potatoes, apples, other seeds, and many more without much effort.

And among them, some are rare recipes.

Here’s how you can give a farmer job to the villager in Minecraft

Making a farmer villager is not a difficult task in Minecraft it requires a villager and composter. So, here are the steps:

Step 1: Make a composter

Firstly you need to make a composter to create a farmer in your village.

And to craft a composter, it needs 7 slabs of any woods. (Dark Oak, Birch, Crimson, Acacia, Spruce, Jungle, Warped)

So, open your crafting table, and place planks of any wood in a row to make slabs.

Again, place 7 slabs making U shape in crafting table for making a composter in Minecraft.

A composter is used for making a farmer villager in Minecraft for trading agricultural goods. How to make a composter?

Step 2: Place composter in front of a villager

After making a composter, find out jobless villager and place the composter near to him. By doing so, the villager will accept the job and turn into a farmer in Minecraft.

But if you do it systematically, then capture a villager inside a house, keep their bed for sleep, and touch for light.

And place a composter inside it. Your villager will become a farmer with a beautiful shelter with sleeping facilities.

(Note): You can make farmers as many you want. And trade with them to fulfill their apprenticeship and unlock more rare items for trading.

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