Non-gyroscope sensitivity for zero recoil in Pubg mobile.

Non-gyroscope sensitivity for zero recoil in Pubg mobile

Gyro vs non-gyroscope sensitivity in Pubg mobile, which is best to get zero recoil?
You know the combination between camera and ADS is known as a non-gyro.

According to my experience, both are the same if you practice a lot in any one of them a. But, for the no recoil, gyroscope sensitivity is better than the non-gyroscope setting.

In pubg mobile, 30% of the winning chance depends upon your sensitivity. If you don’t have a better setting, then you will get an unstable and worst gaming experience on the island.

Therefore, in the earlier article, I had given you an idea for gyro sensitivity that you can read here:

However, this topic has a non-gyro sensitivity setting in Pubg mobile to get no recoil while firing any guns.

Here is the setting for non-gyroscope sensitivity for zero recoil

For camera sensitivity(Free look)

3rd person camera: 150%
It is the best level because if you put it low, you may feel difficulty looking at the surroundings while you are in a vehicle or with an eye button.

Camera(parachuting): 160%
This level will be best for you for the landing

1st person camera(Character): 135%
It will give you the best gameplay to use your eye button for looking at the surrounding clearly while you play in FPP.


3rd person no scope: 180% First-person no scope: 120%

Red dot, Holographic, Aim assist: 75% 2X scope: 40%

3X scope, Win 94: 31% 4X scope, VSS: 20% 6X scope: 16%

8X scope: 12% TPP aim: 180% FPP aim: 180%

ADS sensitivity for non-gyro

3rd person no scope: 140% First-person no scope: 120% Red dot, Holographic, Aim assist: 78%

2X scope: 40% 3X scope, Win 94: 32% 4X scope, VSS: 20%

6X scope: 15% 8X scope: 14% TPP aim: 140% FPP aim: 140%

Yes, the given non-gyroscope setting is best for you- give it a try.

But, only you have to practice more and more without changing the sensitivity frequently.

By using that non-gyro sensitivity setting, you can control recoil for every gun in the Pubg mobile.


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