How to make a torch in Minecraft? Here are the easy steps.

What is the procedure of making torch in the minecraft game.

The Minecraft game has both a beautiful and dark world. It’s easy to survive in the daytime, but at night it’s difficult because of dark and dark evils. So, the touch can make your nighttime better. A torch is a helpful gadget in Minecraft- It shows light in the darkness.

Also, you can use it for other purposes, including home decoration. Therefore, let’s know the idea for making the torch stepwise- The procedure is easy.

To make a torch requires logs, planks, sticks, and coal.

You can use ‘logs’ of any trees found in the Minecraft world- Spruce, Oak, Birch, Dark oak, Acacia, Warped, Jungle, and Crimson log.

Here are the easy procedure to make a torch in Minecraft

Firstly, you should collect some ‘logs’ by cutting trees from your surrounding. Collect at least 5 logs.

Secondly, you have to convert logs into planks by using a crafting table. So, put one log in the crafting table to get plank for the touch.

After making planks from the logs, you have to make a stick. So, open the crafting table, and put ‘2 planks’ in the box as shown in the picture to make a stick.

How the sticks are crafted in Minecraft to make a torch? The Picture tutorial.

Finally, you have to lit a fire on the top of the stick, and for that, you have to use coal.

So, place a stick below the box and coal above it for completing torch crafting in Minecraft.

The final of crafting the torch is liting the fire on the stick by using the coal.
The coal are found in the underground of the Minecraft world.

Great! the torch is ready to use in the nights and caves- It will make your work easier.

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And if you don’t have coal to craft a torch in Minecraft, then it’s no big deal. Just mine, deeper and deeper, and you will get the required amount of coal.

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