Don’t make these noob mistakes in Minecraft: 6 things you should avoid

noob in Minecraft.

Many new players don’t exactly know what will happen in the next step because Minecraft doesn’t give easy clues. But the player knows everything gradually by playing for weeks or months. So, due to the less knowledge and hint, the player makes mistakes like a noob in the Minecraft journey.

While I was a new player for Minecraft, I had made many mistakes. Among all those, I will share 6 common mistakes I have made, but you should avoid them in Minecraft.

Oh yes, but I learned from the mistakes!

6 noob mistakes you should avoid in the Minecraft

Don’t dig closing your eyes.
noob mistakes in Minecraft

It’s easier to go ahead but hard to find a way to return. Yes, most of the players, either pro or, beginner mines too deep for the greed of resources. But, unfortunately, they meet the lava at the bottom of the beautiful Minecraft world.

I also had made the same mistake- I went deeper and deeper and collected enough resources for crafting. But, I didn’t realise the lava was waiting to taste me- Dead and all hard-mined materials gone.

The underground lava immediately kills before any healing plan comes into the mind. Therefore, don’t go too deeper. Instead, go with a plan of how many resources you need right now. After mining necessary items, come back.

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Store your supplier safe

It’s not a master tip because you are a legend player who knows far better. But, I am sharing my experience here. Most of the time, players mine, mine and mine but forget to keep their suppliers in the chest. As a result, they lose all their assets if they die by chance.

And it’s the silliest mistake I made some months ago in Minecraft. I had everything that I need but no chest to keep my resource safe. And the nasty creepers attacked me, and everything went.

Therefore, If you are a noob or pro player of Minecraft, avoid such foolish mistakes. Keep your resource safe in the chest after collecting. You will be happy even though you fail to survive. Make the chest by using some woods that are available everywhere.

Don’t waste Minecraft resources to make unnecessary equipment.
noob mistakes in Minecraft

Priority is a priority. But, most of the time, a mistake happens, even though we know all.
You know how struggling a task mining is. But also, sometimes we forget the priority and waste the resources by making useless items. Yes, all the items in Minecraft are necessary for all situations, but firstly make the item that will keep you the safe first night.

Don’t carry the precious item.
noob mistakes in Minecraft

You know, there are some precious resources in Minecraft that are unavailable everywhere like, red stone dust, Ingots, Emerald, diamonds.

Those rare items help to craft the things that make the journey easier.
Therefore, avoid such mistakes, immediately keep those resources in the chest. And go for mining taking only the required equipment for mining.

Otherwise, if you die in an unknown place with precious Minecraft items in your pocket, then, unfortunately, you have to search for them again. Time wasting task, Right?

Don’t go without

The Minecraft world is full of dark evils. Without any self-security gadgets, they will win, and you will regret it.
Therefore, while going for mining and other activity take something with you-

silly mistakes in Minecraft
  • A high-level sword
  • And armour

Sword and armour are the most important thing you shouldn’t forget to take. The sword will help you destroy your enemy, and armour will give you extra protection on the way.

After you are packed up with those two items, you can decide to take other things, if you want.

Don’t over decorate your home without security.

Most of the players decorate their home as a hobby- Too many flowers and light outside.
But it’s not compulsory if you don’t have proper security.

Because those nasty creepers are always full of plans in their mind to destroy your beautiful house. And if they succeed you will upset because you worked hard in building and decoration.

Don’t make mistakes by wasting your time on home decoration if you are a beginner Minecraft player.

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