How to play Minecraft? A guide for beginners to survive the first day.

Minecraft survive.

Minecraft has a unique concept than other games, so beginner players find it confusing to play. It is an open-world game where the player can create whatever their mind thinks. The game is all about thinking, surviving, building, mining, and crafting. 

In Minecraft, the player search for resources from the world to craft the necessary item to survive longer. However, new players get confused about where to start the journey and what will happen after. So, here we will discuss the tips to survive until the first night in Minecraft.

A beginner guide to play Minecraft

The game has two options, either you can play as a single-player or with a friend. Also, the game has different mode options- You can play Survival, creative, adventure, Spector, and hardcore mode in Minecraft. But the beginner should choose the survival mode as a single player to learn how to enjoy Minecraft. And here you will know the simple things to survive one day in the Minecraft game.

Chapter 1

Firstly, your objective is to mine necessary equipment and items to make survival goods. Your journey will start from an open unknown place without any resources.  Therefore, firstly you should cut some trees to get wood. Because the wood help to make varieties of survival items in Minecraft. 

Cut at least eight trees to make wooden gadgets like crafting tables, sticks, and wooden melee weapons. Remember, it’s your first task- get more wooden blocks and make a crafting table.

Chapter 2

Now, weapons are necessary items in Minecraft. Therefore, After you make a crafting table from the woods, you should make weapons- a wooden sword, wooden pickaxe, wooden shovel, and wooden axe.

Each of the weapons in Minecraft has a unique ability, so use them accordingly.

Wooden sword: Use the wooden sword to kill enemies and animals quickly. By killing the animals, you will get some useful resources like food, meat, and wool.

Wooden pickaxe: You should use the wooden pickaxe for mining the solid blocks. The blocks in Minecraft are the most necessary goods.

Wooden shovel: You can’t survive the first day in Minecraft if you don’t have shelter to live. Therefore, use the wooden shovel to dig dirt blocks quickly for making a beautiful house. 

Wooden axe: It helps to cut woods quickly. Also, you can kill enemies and animals using it.

So, make those basic weapons and use them to collect enough survival resources.

Chapter 3

Great! You have collected all the resources to play Minecraft. But now you need a home to stay away from the zombies, creepers, spiders, and others.  The dirt block help to build a house in Minecraft. And you will get the dirt block everywhere. 

So, use your wooden shovel to dig the dirt quickly and collect more and more materials to make a house. 

Chapter 4

Wow! you have a sweet home. Now it’s time to make a bed take a rest. The bed saves the game progress also. Meaning, if you die, you will find yourself in the exact location you slept in before.  Therefore, don’t forget to craft a bed, if you want to play Minecraft the next day.  And to make a bed, get three wool by killing three sheep and craft by using a crafting table. 

You will get sheep everywhere in the world as much as you need.  (The crafting table is the most necessary gadget to make the needed items in Minecraft).

How to play Minecraft?

Now, you have learned basic tips to play Minecraft so you can go ahead. If you can survive one night in Minecraft, you will get a new survival idea another day. Play the game every day and build a unique world with your imagination. 

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