The necessary survival items in Minecraft: How to make and use them?

The necessary survival items in Minecraft: How to make and use them?

Minecraft is one of the most popular game played on PC, android and ios. In this game, the player can explore their own unique world. Also can create anything for their imagination. The game is all about survival and crafting. So, here let’s know the useful survival crafting items in Minecraft also ways to make and use them.

9 helpful survival items in the Minecraft game


The wood is a necessary survival item in Minecraft. Without woods, you can’t forward your journey.

So, to get woods cut many trees with or without a weapon.

And by using woods, you can make Minecraft oak wood plank for crafting other helpful items. On the other points, you will know what you can create from the ‘oak wood plank’.

survival items in Minecraft: 'oak wood plank'
Crafting table

The other most useful equipment in Minecraft is the crafting table. The crafting table is used for creating the goods to craft a strong defence.
And to make the crafting table, require 4 oak wood planks made of woods.

  • Go to the crafting and fill the box with the oak wood plank. (Have a look at the picture)
survival items in Minecraft: Crafting table
Crafting table


The torch is used for mining in the cave and undergrounds. Also, it helps to mine during the night time because it gives light.
So, to make a torch in Minecraft, you need two items- Stick and coal.
Here is the picture;

survival items in Minecraft: make a torch


Without a chest, where you will keep all the items safely? Chest is used to hide your crafting items and assets for the long term without any risk.
So, you can make a chest by using 8 oak wood planks. (Have a look at the picture)

survival items in Minecraft: make a chest

Why chest is a necessary item in Minecraft?
Because by keeping collected items in the chest, you can use them again after you die in the match.


The furnace is also a helpful thing in Minecraft that helps to cook food. Also, it is used for making and converting goods into some special items like gold ingot, iron ingot and netherite ingot.

And those Minecraft ingots are used for making weapons and other useful equipment for survival.

SO, to make a furnace in Minecraft, it requires 8 cobblestones that you can get in rocky places, cave and underground.

And to activate the furnace, you need materials. For example;
Input = materials
Fuel = Coal
Result = Wait !!!

Here is picture


Food and weapons

Food is also a necessary item in Minecraft that restore your health if you are attacked by an enemy.
And there are two types of food- Raw and cooked.

You can eat both, but cooked food have X2 healing capacity than raw food.

So, to get food in Minecraft, kill the animals like sheep, cow, chicken and others.
After collecting meat, you can cook it by using coal.
Tap on the furnace and;
Input = Raw Meat
Fuel = Coal
Reasult = Cooked food

Food and weapons

Furthermore, the weapon is also the most beneficial item in Minecraft.
The weapons make it easier to mining. Also, it is used for killing enemy and animals quickly.
There are four types of male weapon in Minecraft- Sword, Axe, Pickaxe and shovel.

And each weapon has a different level- Wooden, stone, iron, gold, and diamond.

So, all the weapon perform a unique function in a different situation. And the damage capacity increases at every higher level.


The bed is the item in Minecraft in which you can take a rest at night. Also, it works like a checkpoint in the Minecraft game.

For example, if you die before you go to bed, the mission will restart from an unknown place with an empty hand.
But your game progress will be saved if you use the bed after you come from the mining work.

So, you can craft a bed by using sheep wool. ( Here is the picture)



The coal is used for crafting necessary items in Minecraft. Also, it is used for cooking food. So, don’t forget to collect coal by mining coal rocks located in the cave place.


But, only use a pickaxe while mining coal.

Dirt and other blocks

You will get a different block in Minecraft like,

Dirt and other blocks.
  • Stone block
  • Wooden block
  • Sand block
  • Dirt block
    and many more

Among them, the best block in Minecraft is wooden and dirt.

The wooden block is acquired from the trees, and it is used for making almost all kind of equipment in Minecraft. ( We discussed earlier)

Whereas dirt block is used for making shelter. And you will get it from the soil farm.

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