The best place to find the enemy in Pubg mobile: Enemy camping areas

enemy location area in pubg mobile.

Do you know the place in Pubg mobile where you can find more enemy?

This topic is for those who are rusher and aggressive players of the battleground. Here we will discuss the best place to find more enemies in the erangle map. Because the Erangle is favourite among all.

Before starting, I want to say the points are only for after the first zone. Because on the first zone, players remain busy collecting loot and vehicles.

Top 6 Place in Pubg mobile to find more enemy

Rozhok mountain
best place to find the enemy in Pubg mobile
Rozhok mountain

The Rozhok mountain is the top place in the Pubg Erangle map where you will get many enemies in your every step. In this place, different parties from school and Rozhok join the fight almost all the time. It is also the area of rush.

In the case you don’t locate any enemy in the Pubg Rozhok mountain, Just wait for some time. Because it is a temporary silence after some time, the enemy will arrive for a purpose.

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Mylta bridge
Mylta bridge

Another top enemy camping place in Pubg mobile is Mylta bridge. In this area, opponents from a different location like a military base, Mylta power comes. Also, you will see many opponents going here and there by vehicle.
So, it is the best place for getting more kills.

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School apartment
best place to find the enemy in Pubg mobile
School apartment

The school apartment is also an enemy location in Pubg mobile. In this area, you will get at least a squad and sometimes two parties fighting each other.

And you know, the apartment fight doesn’t finish immediately. Because it’s hard to locate enemy camping location, so no one wants to rush.

So, if you can locate the camping place and rush, you can get the highest kills like a pro.

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Shelter area
Shelter area

Most of the aggressive player travel in shelter area for the search of kills. You will face squads in this location.
So, if you are a skilled player, you can break the kill record quickly. However, before you go to the shelter area, make the best survival plan because it’s the house of rank pusher and squads.

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best place to find the enemy in Pubg mobile

You know, Pochinki is the hot-drop area. You will face the enemy squad from starting zone to the 4th zone.
Pochinki lies in the centre of Erangle, and it includes inside the ‘safe zone’ most of the time.
There is a 70% chance you will find an opponent in the Pochinki. But, if you don’t, then wait for some minutes.

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Yasnaya Polyana
Yasnaya Polyana

It is also a most enemy camping area in Pubg mobile. This area is full of covers like buildings and apartments. Therefore, the rank pusher lands on Yasnaya Polyana. Also, you will encounter some squads.

And in this location, it’s difficult to rush because of the hard camper and TPP players.

But you can rush in Yasnaya Polyana with your squad, from the 1 to 10-metre distance, because there is fear of knock finish anytime.

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So, those are the most enemy place in PUBGM. There is always a high chance you will find enemies in those points.
Also, some other enemy camping locations are;

  • Pochinki squad house
  • Water city area
  • Georgopol to Rozhok path
  • Gatka area
  • Georgopol squad house

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