Best loot area in pubg mobile: Top points from all maps.

high loot in pubg mobile photo.

Each Pubg mobile map has different locations, and some area is best to get high loot items- Whereas others are suitable for other qualities and features.

So, here we will discuss which place is best to find more loot items.

More about all maps in Pubg mobile:

LIVIK2*215-16 Min.60
Erangle8*830-32 Min.100
Karakin2*215-16 Min.60
Sanhok4*4.25-26 Min.100
Miramar8*830-32 Min.100
Vekendi6*630-32 Min.100

The best high loot area from all Pubg mobile maps

1. For the LIVIK map:

In comparison to others, LIVIK is the ‘smallest map’. And there are many locations inside Livik where you can find enough loot easily.

But if you need more loot full of attachments, a high level of vest and helmet for your squad, then land on this area of the LIVIK map- Midtstein, Power plant(Hot drop), Ice borg, Fisker Hus

For Erangle map:

Erangle is the most popular and high-rated map in Pubg mobile. Around 55 to 70% of players love this map because it is perfect for everything like rank push, best loot, and rush play.

After the update, the places inside this map have become almost equal for loot items.

But, to get most loot items, still, these locations inside Erangle are famous- Sosnovka military base (Hot drop), Georgopol(Hot drop)., Novorepnoye(Hot drop), Primorsk

For Karakin map:

In 2021, the Pubg mobile added a Karakin map with a similar size compared to LIVIK. Also, there you will get high loot easily, and these are the best places for loot- Bashara and Bahr Sahir

For Sanhok Map:

The area of Sanhok is perfect-it’s neither big nor small. But the problem is, you will face snakes everywhere.

Some top high loot points in the Pubg Sanhok map are- Bot camp(Top hot drop), Paradise, Docks, Camp alpha

For the Miramar map:

The map has a high chance of getting snipers like Win96, Kar98, M24, and AWM in airdrops. To find more loot, go to these places in Miramar- San Martin(Hot drop), EI Pozo, VALLE del Mar, Los Leones(Hot drop)


Those are the top area where you will find high loot in the Pubg mobile. And among all those areas, some are hot drops.

So, if you are pushing the rank, then avoid the hot drops. Instead, try other locations among them to get both victory and loots like a hero.

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