How to become a pro player of BGMI? Battleground mobile India.

How to become a pro player of BGMI? Battleground mobile India.

It hurts when others think Noob no one invites to play a match together. You know, only a pro and skilled player can defeat the enemy, and everyone wants to play with him or his.
So, the question rises to mind, What is needed to become a pro player of battleground mobile India (BGMI)? And the answer is, it requires many things to be a pro of BGMI that we will describe in this article.

Here are the best tips to become a Battleground mobile India (BGMI) pro player.

BGMI is an Indian version of pubg mobile with the same features and contents.

And, you have to consider the ‘basic things if you want to rock the battleground. And after you master the basics, you have to move on to advanced tips to become a pro in BGMI quickly.

Basic tips to be a BGMI pro

  1. Play on the best device

You know, gaming on a low-end device hurts the gaming performance and creates lagging and crashing. As a result, it is challenging to perform best in the matches even though being skilled. So, firstly you need to have a good device with higher GB RAM and a processor to play the BGMI smoothly.

  1. Use the quality headphone

Sound sense is necessary to play the game like a hero. And the only solution is good headphones in the ear. So, to play the BGMI like a pro player, buy the best gaming headphones from the market.

  1. Perfect aim

Having the best aiming skill means you don’t leave any enemy without finishing them. So, try to improve your aiming skill to become the no. 1 player of BGMI. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.

  1. Play on stable ping

Most of the time, your victory depends upon your internet connection.
If the network is slow and unstable, the ping increases and reduces the gaming fun. So, try to play the game on the better internet.

So, those are some simple things you need to think about before you start Battleground Mobile India to be a pro.

Advance tips to become a pro in BGMI

Focus on skills, not skin
How to become a pro player of BGMI?

Most of the time, players try to show off during the mission. So, they select skin rather than power.
For example, you have Scar-L skin, and you find both gun M762 and Scar-L on the island. In this case, you will pick up Scar-L despite knowing it’s less powerful than M762. Because its skin changes your mind.

Another example:
Suppose you have the skin of Decia, and you got both Decia and UAZ in the same place. Now, what will you do? Will you select UAZ or Decia? If you select Decia because of its skin, then it’s your mistake.

Meaning, don’t choose things by it’s look in the matches. Instead, select the item that will get you the best result in that situation.

Don’t focus on KD

Many players always think KD ratio during every BGMI match. As a result, the gameplay concentration gets disturbed.

So, learn to avoid mistakes instead of focusing on the game statistics all time. So, forget about the more kills, and try to increase your survival time- and learn what you saw during the interval.

A trustable partner is necessary.

Playing with a random player is not a good idea because he\she can’t become your good teammate- No communication, help, teamwork, fun, and no learning.

But, if you play with a trusted teammate, you can get many opportunities to be a pro in BGMI.

  • Share loot
  • Smooth talk
  • Learn rush
  • More fun with less fear
  • More opportunities for learning

So, play with the understandable and helpful squad. And once you learn all skills, then you can play solo.

Always play aggressive
How to become a pro player of BGMI?

The reason you are a Noob is you don’t try to alter your gameplay style.

For example, you are a safe player and want to avoid a fight for more survival time. But, if you want to be a pro player, you should not adopt the same habit all time. Instead, you have to change your style to learn more.

Always try to push and rush to kill your enemy. If you get finished, then don’t lose hope- you learn something!
Meaning is, sometimes play safe, and other times aggressively- and learn all the playing styles to become a god of BGMI in less time.

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