The best maps to push conqueror in BGMI: Battleground Mobile India

The best maps to push conqueror in BGMI: Battleground Mobile India

The battleground mobile India has many entertaining content and features. The game has different maps, locations, rewards, outfits, weapons, and many more. And the only purpose of every player is to be the conqueror using various techniques and weapons. However, do you know? Sometimes the maps also help the player to push the conqueror in BGMI.

If you select the best map for the match, you can get points quickly for the conqueror tier in the BGMI. But most of the players don’t know about it.

Best map can help you to get more points for conqueror tier in BGMI

In the battleground mobile India, there are different maps and environments. Some have a small area, and others are large. But, the big maps are suitable to push rank – you will get many advantages there.

Here are the best BGMI maps to push conqueror tier

The best maps to push the conqueror tier in BGMI(Battleground mobile India) are:

  1. Miramar
  2. Erangle

In these maps, you will get points to reach the conqueror fast in comparison to other maps. Why? Let’s know.

Both maps have a large size.

The Erangle and Miramar are large maps in BGMI with an 8*8 KM2 area.

You know camping is the best idea to survive longer in the match, and it also increases the chance of chicken dinner.

So, you can do better camping in the Erangle and Miramar without any fear of losing points.

Best place to get loot and vehicle

Loot and vehicle are best things to reach in conqueror in BGMI

If you get the best loot during the match, you can win effortlessly. And the best vehicle makes you safe from enemies, and you can travel faster safely.

So, the combination of the best loot and vehicle can help you to get conqueror points in every BGMI match.

And fortunately, the Miramar and Erangle are best for both ‘loot and vehicle.’

In the Erangle you will get all vehicles except Minibus, Mirador,
Monster truck, Tukshai, scoter, and Snowmobile. Also, it is best for all weapons except QBZ, WIN98, G36C, MK12, FAMAS.

Whereas, in Miramar, you will get the best Vehicle Minibus and mirador and the exclusive weapon WIN98 and many more.

Easy to locate and hide from enemies

Both maps are best for long-range battles because of the large area.

The Miramar is a dry place without bushes and forest in the BGMI. So you can find your enemy without much struggle. But only your task is to target your enemy from a far distance.

And the Erangle is full of forest and bushes, so you can camp safely and fight with your enemies from a far distance without detecting.

Frequently asked question

  • Do the hackers play on Miramar and Erangle map in BGMI?

In short, the Miramar map is safe from hackers in BGMI. However, the Erangle is a favorite map of every BGMI player, and you will see some hackers there.

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