How to increase RP points in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

How to increase RP points in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

The RP points help to increase RP rank in BGMI. And you can level up your RP level up to a maximum of 100. The 100 RP points are needed to make 1 RP rank.

You will get various rewards like skins, emotes, Fragments, outfits, custom cards, and many more in each higher rank.

After you reach the RP level 100, you can use your extra earned points to buy other items like RP badge, RP crate, Paintbox, Parachute trail, and many more.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to raise RP points in BGMI to purchase rewards and level up your RP rank.

Some tips to increase RP points in BGMI

Open crates

Open crates to increase RP points in BGMI

The premium crates and classic crates are the best sources for more RP points. In each crate opening, you can get 10 RP points for free in BGMI.

So, try to collect more crates and open them.

Complete weekly RP missions

weekly RP missions in BGMI

Every week, you will have some achievement achievements that reward with RP points.

So, remain active in the game, and complete those RP missions to get more than 180 RP points.

Some weekly missions are:
(I) Spend 100 BP
(II) Finish 2 enemies in any mode
(III) Open 3 airdrop in classic mode. And many more.

But if you don’t have enough time to complete the RP mission, you can use an RP mission card to increase RP rank quickly in BGMI.

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UC method

It’s not a free way to get RP points because you have to spend some real money on UC.

If you want, you can buy 100 RP points from the shop in exchange for 100 UC.

Complete RP challenge and RP match time

RP challenge and RP match time in BGMI

You will get enough RP points by completing the mission of the RP challenge in Battleground mobile India.

Also, you can increase the RP level to 12 in one season of BGMI by playing RP match time.

But, you have to spend the time in any mode except Cheerpark and training ground.

Some RP match time missions are:
(I) Pick up a smoke grenade in 15 matches.
(II) Finish in top 3 with a friend three times in the classic match.
(III) Pick up fare gun in 6 matches in classic mode.
(IV) Travel more than 20K miles while operating any vehicle in Classic mode. And many more

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