How to increase the KD ratio on BGMI quickly? Some Tips

How to level up the KD ratio on BGMI quickly? Some Tips

Battleground Mobile India is another version of the Pubg mobile. Everything is the same on this version except for some features and rules. So, here let’s discuss how to increase the KD ratio in on the BGMI within less time.

4 Tips to increase KD ratio on BGMI

KD ratio is directly related to the kills in BGMI. So, you have to upgrade your fighting skills for more kills.

And here are some basic things you need to consider to level up the KD ratio in the Battleground mobile India.

  • Improve your aiming skills.
  • Practice close and long-range fighting skills regularly.
  • Customize best sensitivity and control.
  • Use the best headphones during the matches.
  • Select the best weapon in every match.

Now, let’s discuss pro tips to increase the KD in the BGMI quickly.

Choose the same drop location.

How to level up the KD ratio on BGMI quickly?

Landing on the same points in every match gives all ideas about that location. Meaning, you will know the cover and loots area if you land in the same location. Even you will know, where the camper camps?

Therefore, to boost KD quickly in BGMI, don’t change the landing location. Instead, play in the same area until you achieve your goal.

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Play solo VS squad

The BGMI solo VS squad matches is the best choice to increase KD quickly.

Solo VS squad means you will get enough enemies for more kills, and there will be no one who will steal your kills.

Also, in a solo VS squad match, you will get at least 1 2 bots.

Be aggressive

How to level up the KD ratio on BGMI quickly?

If you clean your hot-drop, then don’t waste your time in the same place. But, search for vehicles to go to another location quickly for searching more enemies. Here are some places where you can get enemies with a high chance in the BGMI.

Use Assault riffles

use AR to increase the KD ratio on BGMI

Most of the player has a habit of using snipers. But to increase the KD ratio in the BGIM use AR, because;

  • AR has high damage
  • It’s best to switch to another weapon if ammo finish.

And you can use M249, M762, AJN, GROZA and MK14.

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