The Karakin map in pubg mobile. A complete detail you need to know.

photo of karakin map gameplay.

The pubg mobile introduced the Karakin map on April 7, 2021. The new map is based on Miramar. However, its area is 2KM sq. So, it is a smaller area than the Miramar and other pubg mobile maps.

Furthermore, the Karakin map has come up with a matching of 64 players, so it has become the best map to get the highest kills in pubg 2021.

However, because of its smaller size, it is a more competitive location than other maps. You will find an opponent in your every step. And if you have proper skills, you can easily get chicken dinner with more kills.

Unique feature

The main feature of Karakin is the demolition zone effect. It is the somewhat same feature as a red zone effect of other maps, but demolition a bit ‘more powerful’. It destroys the building that falls inside its zone, but the ‘red zone’ doesn’t.

Is Karakin map is best to push rank?

The short answer is ‘NO’. The Karakin map should not be your choice to reach in the conqueror tier. In this map, there are a few locations they are,

  • Bashara
  • Cargo ship
  • AL Hayik
  • Hadiqa Nemo
  • AL Habar
  • Bahr Sahir
  • And other no-name places(compounds)
hot drop area in karakin map pubg mobile.
hot drops area in Karakin map.

And among all those places, most of them are hot drops. For example, Bashara, AL Habar, Hadiqa Nemo.
And you know hot drops area can be best for loot and kills but not for pushing tier rank.
But, if you are a pro pubg player, no one can stop you.

Is the Karakin map best for kills?

100% yes! The Karakin is suitable to get more numbers of kills. You will get at least 8 to 10 kills in each match if you can survive longer there.

Furthermore, on the Pubg mobile, the smaller map has a high number of bots, so the new Karakin is the best place to get more bots.

Therefore, you can increase your KD ratio by playing on the Karakin map.

More about Karakin map in Pubg mobile

Inside the Karakin, you will get enough loot within less time like in the LIVIK map. The battleground is full of fun where you can try your favourite guns and attachment with your friends.

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But still, if you need a lot of loot for your friends too, then here is the secret tip about Karakin.
While playing on the Karakin map, I find out one secret place where you can get more loots…
So, firstly, you need a sticky bomb to open the secret chamber(underground) in the Pubg Karakin map.

Useful: Best sensitivity setting

The sticky bomb is a new throwable weapon in the Karakin map mainly used for a blast to explore some secret locations for more loots. Also, it is used to kill the enemy. And it takes 5 seconds to blast.

So to find the secret loot chamber, just go to the marked place in the below image.

secret place in pubg mobile.

Also, you will get Panzerfaust in the chamber of the new map.
Panzer Faust is a new weapon in the Karakin map that fires a missile(a rocket launcher). And you will not get the Panzerfaust everywhere, but only in airdrops and secret chamber.

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