The sharpshooter title in Pubg mobile: Easily to get.

sharpshooter title in Pubg mobile: Easily get it in 2021.

The sharpshooter title, also known as the deadeye, is the prestigious title in the Pubg mobile. But it is difficult to unlock, right?
So, here you will get the best tips for achieving your best title.

The requirement to get a Sharpshooter title(Deadeye)

  • You should be on the Platinium tire or above it to unlock the Pubg deadeye title.
  • Be a perfect head shooter: You have to kill 3 enemies with a headshot from a 50-metre distance in a row.
  • You have to complete the task in a classic match solo mode only.

Easily unlock Pubg mobile Sharpshooter or dead eye title.

The object to unlock the Pubg sharpshooter title is very difficult, right? ‘3 headshots from 50 distances in a row.’

For that, your aiming skill should be outstanding, device and network should be the best.

However, besides all those simple tips, you should consider these things to achieve a sharpshooter title:


You know, in Pubg mobile there are different maps.
And among all, Miramar is the best map to unlock the deadeye title fast. Because there is a high chance of getting snipers like M24, Kar98K, and WIN94.

Sniper is the best weapon than SMG and AR in Pubg mobile to give a headshot. And the sniper doesn’t have a bullet drop problem. Or, if you use AR, then there is a high risk of a bullet missing.

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Offline enemy

Maximum Pubg players use this trick to unlock the sharpshooter title.
Actually, I also completed it by the offline enemy method.

But, this trick only works if you know, ‘how to get an offline player in the lobby?’

So, if you need an offline opponent, then your tier rank should in a low position. Because the Pubg matchmaking algorithm is based on the tier and game level.

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So, you should try this trick during the 7th and 8th weeks of the new season. Because at that time, you will get low-tier and unskilled players. You will get at least 3 to 4 offline players, enough to complete the task to grab the deadeye tile.

Therefore, mark the ending point of the aeroplane path where most of the offline player drops.

Also, show your dedication and confidence while completing the missions for the sharpshooter title. Just stay cool and unlock it like a pro.

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