How to earn more gold in the free fire to unlock the gold character?

HD photo of gold in free fire.

Here in this article, you will get tips to earn more gold in Garena free fire game.

Golds(coins) are the most precious item in the free fire game. Because the gold is used to get special gold characters and upgrade them. Also, it is used for spinning the ‘gold royale’ to unlock the legendary or mythic outfits.

Earn extra gold in a Garena free fire and upgrade and unlock the characters.

Play ranked match.
earn more gold in the free fire
Play ranked match.

The ranked match in the free fire is the best sources to collect more golds. 

By winning a ranked match, you can get 300 to 600 coins for free. The reward depends on your rank.

Therefore, try to push your tire for more golds in every match.

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Elite pass.
Elite pass.

Another idea to get gold in free fire is an elite pass. You will get some golds from it. But if you have not upgraded, also you will get some gold from the ‘non-elite pass’.


You will get 850 golds by free elite pass. 

And, you will get 850 + 1000 golds (Total 1850) by elite pass.

Bonus rewards.
get more gold in the free fire
Bonus rewards.

You can get free coins from the bonus reward also. If you spin gold royale, then you can get some gold depending upon the spinning time.

By spinning for the first and fifth time, you can collect 100 + 100 gold for free.

And in the 10th, 15th and 20th spin, you will get some tokens, supplier, pet food and gold royale voucher.

Therefore, keep claiming your daily rewards.

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Seasonal rewards.
earn more coin in the free fire
Seasonal rewards.

From the second rewards, you can get a lot of gold in the free fire. Just you should push your rank to get more coins in every new season.


Bronze I to III1000 Golds
Silver I to III1500 Golds
Gold I to IV2000 Golds
Platinum I to IV2500 Gold
Diamond I to IV3000 Golds
Heroic 5000 Gold
Active rewards. 
Active rewards. 

From the active mission, you can earn more than 120 coins every day in the free fire. And also collect other rewards like gold royale voucher, pet food and tokens.

Just complete an active mission like,

  • Play 1 game of rank mode
  • Play 3 game of any mode
  • Get top 5 in squad mode once
  • Get top 15 in single-mode once
  • Kill 5 enemies
  • Play 1 game with friends

The missions are not difficult to complete. So, don’t forget to try them daily to collect more coins on the free fire game.

Daily login rewards
earn more gold in the free fire
Daily login rewards

It is the best way to earn 350 golds weekly in Free fire. Also, collect other rewards like suppliers, memory fragments, silver loot crate and temporary dress from daily login rewards. Just get them for free, no need to complete any task.

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