How to get an ID card in BGMI for free? Change your name

How to get an ID card in BGMI for free? Change your name

ID card is also called Remane card is an item in BGMI that helps to change the name of the game profile at any time for free.

The battleground mobile India players want to change their name to make it suitable according to the time and trend.

And it’s only possible if they have rename card with them.

Therefore, let’s discuss the tips to collect more rename cards in battleground mobile India(BGMI) for free.

Here’s how you can collect Id card for free in BGMI

You will get the ID card for free when you play the battleground mobile India for the first time. And other ways are:

Game level

Upgrading the game level to 10 is the best way to get a free BGMI rename card.

So, try to reach level 10 by playing more matches.

  • Go to the chat room
  • Inter ID on the chat room.
  • Collect your ID of the 10th level mission.

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Spend UC

If you want more rename cards, then you can purchase them from the shop by spending UC.

It costs 180 UC to get 1 card, and you can buy 100 cards using 14580 UC.

  1. Go to the shop.
  2. Tap on treasure
  3. Purchase the Card with UC.

You know the ID card is a valuable item in the battleground mobile India.

By using it, you can change the identity of your profile. So, players can’t collect unlimited rename cards.

How to change the name in BGMI(Battleground mobile India)?

Here are the steps to change the name of BGMI profile ID:

(I) Go to inventory

(II) Select the rename card that you get from the game level or UC method.

(III) Choose a suitable name for your profile. And fill your name on the box.

(IV) Tap on OK to change your name.

If you don’t have a unique name on your mind for the BGMI, then you can use game generator apps from the play store.


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