How to get free silver fragments in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

Silver fragments in BGMI- Battleground mobile India

Silver fragments can purchase gold plated Scal-L, gold plated S686, Target practice pen, Throned rose- Crowbar, Sadpal backpack, Cleverpal backpack, parachutes skins, and many more suppliers for free in BGMI(Battleground mobile India).

Furthermore, you can purchase classic crate coupon scrap, premium crate coupon scrap, Paints, avatar, frame, and outfit using the Silver coin in BGMI.

If you get more classic and premium crate coupons, you can combine them to make many crates for opening them.

And you know, the crates can give you many legendary and mythic items for free.

That’s why you have to know the tips to collect unlimited silver fragments in battleground mobile India(BGMI).

These are the best way to get free silver fragments in BGMI.

Open crates

Free Silver fragments in BGMI(Battleground mobile India)

The classic crate, premium crate, supply crate, soldier crate are the best source to earn free silver coins in BGMI.

By opening these crates, you will get silvers directly.

However, if you get other items inside the box, you can sell them in exchange for silver.

For example, you unlocked the outfit, skin, and other items that you already have.

Then you can dismantle those items to get BGMI free silver coins.

Purchase Royal Pass

How to get free silver coins in BGMI?

By upgrading an elite royale pass, you will get more silvers than a free royale pass.

So, don’t forget to purchase Royale pass in the game.

Upgrade your rank

How to get free silver fragments in BGMI?

You will get a higher number of silvers in every higher tier.

So try to upgrade your tier rank to conqueror to get enough silver coins in the next season.

Ace master1600
Ace dominator1600

Don’t miss recall events.

From the recall, even you can collect a maximum of 999 silvers for free in Battleground mobile India.

However, you have to recall your offline friends from Facebook ID. If you successfully recall your friends, then you will win more points.

And you can use those points to buy with silver fragments in BGMI without spending UC.


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