How to make a Gold farm in Minecraft?

How to make a Gold farm in Minecraft?

Can I do gold farming in Minecraft? Yes, You can farm gold in the game, so I have written this article. Here, you will know how to build an automatic working gold farm in Minecraft step by step with screenshots.

Gold is a necessary resource in Minecraft, which becomes very useful in the Late game. You can use gold to craft Golden apples, weapons, armor, beacons, trade with the piglings, and many more. However, finding gold ores inside caves and even in the nether is quite Difficult, Boring, and time-consuming. You don’t get much gold that way. So, the best way to get gold fast is by building a gold farm in the game.

Gold farming in Minecraft and how it works?

Gold farming means creating a farm to collect gold based upon killing zombified piglins. Since the Zombified Piglins drop gold ingots and golden nuggets, sometimes the farm works on that principle. Also, gold farming is one of the Hardest jobs because making the farm requires too many resources.

Making a Gold farm in Minecraft

The materials required to make a gold farm are A lot of magma blocks, probably 45 stacks, 4 turtle eggs, 1 stack of trapdoors, Solid blocks like stone, 2 and a half stacks of Scaffoldings, 8 and a half stacks of glass blocks, 12 chests, 12 hoppers, 9 carpets.

In Minecraft, zombified piglins spawn in the nether, so you will have to build the gold-producing farm in the nether. So the first thing to do is to go to the nether and after that follow the steps:

Step 1

Dig to the roof of the nether. Keep digging until you find the highest bedrock, whose Y coordinates will be 127. (Press f3 or fn+f3 to see your coordinates.)

Step 2

Put ladders up to the highest bedrock and throw an ender pearl between the two blocks. Then you will reach the nether roof.

Step 3

Press f3 or fn+f3 again to see your coordinates. To make the gold farm, firstly need to be on the nether wastes biome. If you are not on that, then find one.

Step 4

The farm needs to be high. So place 64 scaffoldings to the top, then make a 3*4 glass platform.

Forth step to make a Gold farm in Minecraft
Step 5

Then place 3 double chests in the edge, and add 3 hoppers on the side of the chest connecting to the chest. Hold crouch while doing that.

Fifth step of gold farming in Minecraft
Step 6

Put 3 more double chests on the hoppers. Then on the side of the chests, make a 3*3 hopper platform which is all connected to the chests.

Step 7

Place 9 carpets on the hoppers holding crouch. Now make a glass wall around the 3*3 hopper platform.
Raise the wall to 23 blocks in height. Your y coordinate should be 217 when you finish the glass pillar.

Seventh step to build a Gold farm in Minecraft
Step 8

Place a solid block in the middle with the help of 2 temporary blocks. (Note: Dirt used in the following pics are temporary blocks.)
Then put 3 temporary blocks on the solid block and put another solid block on the temporary block. Repeat the process twice. Except at the top, place 2 temporary blocks.

8th step of making gold farm
Step 9

Then place wooden trapdoors all over the pillar you just made.

Step 10

Then break all the temporary blocks, and on the solid blocks, place turtle eggs. (To get turtle eggs in Minecraft, you should breed turtles on their home beach. You need to use shears to farm Seagrass and feed them seagrass for breeding. Then they will lay eggs. To collect the egg, you will need to mine the egg with the tool having silk touch enchantment.)

Zombified piglins like to destroy the turtle eggs by stepping on them, and that is why they are attracted to the gold farm you are building in Minecraft.

Step 11

Now from the glass block, place 12 magma blocks to the side. Do this from each direction. Hold shift while making the platform, else the magma block will hurt you. ( In Minecraft, You can find magma blocks in the nether near lava lakes and basalt delta biomes)

11th step of building a Gold farm in Minecraft
Step 12

Now connect the blocks to make a huge magma block platform. Remember not to cover the area 1 block from the pillar the eggs are kept in; it is the space left for the zombified piglins to drop.

Step 13

Make a 3 block height gap and make the same platform. Repeat the process to make 4 layers of these platforms. Building this is going to take a lot of time. If you don’t have too many resources, you can just make 2 layers. Just remember to make the top part as exact as this one.

Step 14

On the top, make a + sign with glass blocks, then on each side, make the following pattern, which has 2 blocks gap each. It prevents ghosts from spawning. You can put dirt blocks to measure the 2 block gaps. After completing, destroy the dirt blocks.

14th step of making a Gold farm in Minecraft
Step 15

Make an afk spot 22 blocks above the glass. Then sit there for some time.

Finally, the automatic gold farm is ready in Minecraft, and now you can see zombified piglins start to drop and give golden nuggets.

Gold farm in Minecraft