How can I change the server in Pubg Mobile?

How can I change the server in Pubg Mobile?

In Pubg mobile, there are 6 servers, and they are:- North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and KRJP. These all Pubg mobile servers are located in various regions, and if you want, you can change your server to another one.

However, the match-matching process starts and ends according to the server. For example, if you play Pubg mobile in North America server, while match-matching, you will get the enemy and squad from Canada, Mexico, the USA with maximum chance, and so on.

How to change another server in Pubg mobile?

(i) Go to settings\ Go to Matchmaking setting
(ii) Tap on the Server option
(iii) Now, select the server you want to switch to in Pubg mobile.
(iv) Tap on Ok to change it successfully.

But, it is not a good idea to switch the server to another region. You should change it if only it is necessary. For example, if you play Pubg mobile from Germany, you should play on the Europe server.

However, if you move to the USA, then only think about switching the Pubg mobile server to North America. Otherwise, you will face Match matching issues and high ping issues.

Furthermore, you can also change the server if you want to push conqueror without heavy competition, but before switching, you need to know about that server.

Which server is best to push conqueror?

South America and KRJP are the best servers to push conqueror fast in Pubg mobile. In these two servers, you will face less competition than other servers. But, after changing the server, you have to wait for two months(60days) to change again.

Is it possible to change the server before 60 days in Pubg mobile?

The short answer to this question is NO. The only problem after changing the server is you can’t switch to the original or another server before 60 days.

For example, you switch the Asia server to the Middle East in Pubg mobile, now you have to play on the Middle East server until 60 days, and after that, you can bring your account to your original server.

‘Wait for 60 days to change server rule’ is introduced in season 16, and if you try to break the rule by using a third-party application, according to the regulation, the game might punish your ID.

What happens after switching server in Pubg mobile?

After switching to a new server, you can’t see your previous server’s rank and statistics records. For example, you change your server in Pubg mobile from KRJP to South America- now you will not see your KD ratio, the tier in the current server.

It means you can’t transfer your Statistics like KD ratio, rank progress to another new server in Pubg mobile. But, there is a trick to see your past progress in the new server. That is, make a friend from the previous server.

For example, you shifted to the Asia server from KRJP, and if you want to see your KD and rank in the Asia server, you should make a friend from the Asia server and give him leadership.

Why does Pubg mobile have multiple servers?

The main reason for having multiple servers in Pubg mobile is to solve high ping problems and Match-Making process time.

But also there are many reasons- Firstly, the server enhances better communication among the players. For example, If you are from India and got a Spanish teammate in the lobby, you two will face communication difficulties due to vast differences in language.

Secondly, the server manages the ranking system, regional titles in Pubg mobile and reduces the competition among the players. Furthermore, it helps the game to introduce tournaments, events according to the culture and choice of players.